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60 seconds in that reflection in the glasses?? No wonder there's so many thumbs down
Comment from : nuthn2do

I’m literally gasping with this beauty. 💫 🌲
Comment from : Reddressruby80

Suleyman Hajiyev
Ahmad tea and Mahmood tea also Majestea
Comment from : Suleyman Hajiyev

Toxic weasel
PG tips Pyramid bags, milk and sugar 👌 proper tea 😉
Comment from : Toxic weasel

Louie Grafton
Plastic bag still not good ..
Comment from : Louie Grafton

Louie Grafton
Yeah strong & sweet Tea, builders Tea, it's a UK thing x
Comment from : Louie Grafton

Louie Grafton
Comment from : Louie Grafton

Jovelle Pascual
First time subscriber here,from the Philippines,i really like ur channel especially in the canadian artic blast..god bless u more power and ride safe always and KEEP ON TRUCKIN🚌🚌🚌❤❤❤
Comment from : Jovelle Pascual

My stuff
Hey Hollywood. Can't you recognize talent?
Comment from : My stuff

Home Cook
Comment from : Home Cook

Ana Ivet
hey, wanna come with you, like you very much!
Comment from : Ana Ivet

tasty lemons Chris
Whelp, 69 disgruntled, i hate my job, my life and I'm jealous of Chad's life in a van made it here to this video!
Comment from : tasty lemons Chris

andrew stefan
A W S O M E . . . Fishing Was Great To Watch . . . Please Describe A Little More Of The Types Of Food In Details . . . Great Video . . . Cheers . . .
Comment from : andrew stefan

Himalayas Boy
Love from india
Comment from : Himalayas Boy

Thunder Beast
Every night before I sleep I make sure that I watch your video. Your videos are best in the world
Comment from : Thunder Beast

Mr. Android
i literally feel like i'm on these places myself
Comment from : Mr. Android

Umer Mirza
Come to pakistan nd gone fairymedos location check it plzzzz
Comment from : Umer Mirza

Umer Mirza
Comment from : Umer Mirza

Noel Sheffield
Can't go wrong with good ole Lipton. I can take a one gallon tea bag An get 2 gallons of tea. I do enjoy a special blend of different varieties. Depends on the mood an condition of my body at the time.
Comment from : Noel Sheffield

Brdaley E
That does not look like a canon 70D? looks more like a Sony?
Comment from : Brdaley E

Brdaley E
Do you mind sharing what editing software you use?
Comment from : Brdaley E

BLUE lover
Come to India at world's highest motor point. It's so beautiful u gonna luved it.
Comment from : BLUE lover

Tu kanaka
Mamaki tea!
Comment from : Tu kanaka

Big Keith
That was a beautifully shot and edited piece with interesting, intelligent commentary. Thank you. Superb entertainment! 👍
Comment from : Big Keith

David Dupuis
Tea suggestion: I learned this from a mountain guide in the Alpes. Mix honey (preferably mountain honey) with spiced black tea (with cinnamon for instance). Put everything in a thermos. It stays warm all day out in the snow. Great for a day of skiing or the van life ;)
Comment from : David Dupuis

kangleipak Manipur
Don't u need girlfriend to travel with?
Comment from : kangleipak Manipur

That Jet-Boil is sweet! Love mine! Earl Gray tea mixed with a shot or two of whiskey at the end of a backpacking day.
Comment from : bianchiveloce1

minkyu lee
Thank you for sharing the view
Comment from : minkyu lee

Mike Dawkins
Do enjoy your clips bud.
Comment from : Mike Dawkins

Liberty Patriot
Amazing stunning pictures, amazing comfy VW Westy...!
Comment from : Liberty Patriot

Claudine Cundiff
Sweet tea and chamomile 😏
Comment from : Claudine Cundiff

Here is love from India🇮🇳 dude..ur owsum
Comment from : PARSHAV SOLANKI

shandy devil jr
What the soundtrack ?
Comment from : shandy devil jr

my favorite tea is beer
Comment from : RāMBō

shallom jay
Thank you for all the views. Good Lawd
Comment from : shallom jay

Mcloven MaD-bUnNy-808
And all that time your where out your portable freeze was on ?
Comment from : Mcloven MaD-bUnNy-808

Andrew RE
Comment from : Andrew RE

nice video! song starting at 2:09?
Comment from : CKY420

Simon Boulton
Those photos are amazing - talented chap!
Comment from : Simon Boulton

1Sean Bond
I cannot believe the Cinema type of experience i get from these amazing vlogs! Thanks for all the efforts you put into this bud! Excellent 5 star!
Comment from : 1Sean Bond

M. Owais S
Comment from : M. Owais S

Boefje B
Great scenery!! We don’t have much wintertime here in the Netherlands. I miss the snow! Great watching your videos and making all the meals and hot drinks. Keep it up 👍🏻 oh my favorite tea is green tea with lemon.
Comment from : Boefje B

moin Khan
These are the people who poop around the roads and hereand there
Comment from : moin Khan

DannySumo R.
Twisted tea is my favorite
Comment from : DannySumo R.

Loved the trout fishing, really cool, would definitely like to see more. Beautiful scenery. Another great video, thanks man.
Comment from : Monkeyman

friendly cool
Hey bro lots of love from 🇮🇳 , may Allah bless you for ur van life and keep you safe from every thing. Best of luck for ur journey...
Comment from : friendly cool

Brian O'Mara
What are ways to afford to live a van life? I currently do HVAC in the DC area. Can't really travel in a van doin that haha
Comment from : Brian O'Mara

Brian O'Mara
Love Yogi Green tea 🤤🤙🏼
Comment from : Brian O'Mara

Susan Pratt
I love that route! I love the the many points of interests! Sigh! It is always soooo quite up there. Wish I could get up there more than I do. That pink dawn light was beautiful! You got blessed that morning huh? 29:05 made my heart sing! Thanks for sharing. 🌌🙂🌌 Hot cocoa for me please. Take care.....
Comment from : Susan Pratt

Louigie Ota
You are so lucky to be spending time with freedom. I love watching you explore with your home! Totally sharing this.
Comment from : Louigie Ota

Ishwar Parihar
hi im from The India. i like your videos a lot. i like ur van as well make a video about ur van wanna see what all features are there inside 😋🇮🇳
Comment from : Ishwar Parihar

Automatic Enforcer
Tetley red bush is my favourite tea
Comment from : Automatic Enforcer

Tex Rufas
Have you ever seen a squach?
Comment from : Tex Rufas

Pushpinder Dhaliwal
Comment from : Pushpinder Dhaliwal

Mike P
Inspiring me to pursue my own van life!
Comment from : Mike P

Brad Hall
I haven't heard you talk about where you go to the bathroom at.
Comment from : Brad Hall

Berrehail Mohamed
Nice nature
Comment from : Berrehail Mohamed

Nintendo Zero
Wow! This is what i expected to see on utube.
Comment from : Nintendo Zero

1 Empire
Earl Grey tea is my fave👍 awesome video Chad.
Comment from : 1 Empire

Charlotte Clark
Amazing I am absolutely blown away You have a photogenic eye. It's like I'm right there !!!
Comment from : Charlotte Clark

Lonewolf 902
Great job. What's your camera setup chad?
Comment from : Lonewolf 902

Onelife stu
Favourite tea = Organic Pukka night time 😋
Comment from : Onelife stu

J Fox
If I had a dollar every time you said stoked I'd be stoked.
Comment from : J Fox

Wes Felkins
The best tea is Sencha w/ Matcha, you can get it at Costco in a green box.
Comment from : Wes Felkins

andy freer
Lovely pictures
Comment from : andy freer

Bill Hooper
My favorite tea is Canadian Whiskey
Comment from : Bill Hooper

April Gabriella
This is a beautiful video I love it. You're such an inspiration. I wanna be just like you when I grow up. Keep up the good work Sir!
Comment from : April Gabriella

Akshit Prajapati
Magnificent and Starling photography,learned a lot form you sir ...
Love From INDIA❤.

Comment from : Akshit Prajapati

Aaron Manchester
all about that Chi tea -another great vid!
Comment from : Aaron Manchester

Harpreet Singh
Chad this Harpreet singh from LA when are you going to do cross country . I have no idea how I got hooked to your videos while visiting India around 2am in the morning. But I love it. What app me anytime will love to chat Chad . 8455366884
Comment from : Harpreet Singh

Terri Mitchell
Twining's Peppermint is my fave- great video!
Comment from : Terri Mitchell

@22:40 you said purple haze!😁 While in Washington!😉 Just kidding!
Comment from : 3Umphbywill

Earl Grey tea! Would not want to drink that at night considering it's a black tea and loaded down with caffeine! However quite delicious with little bit of lemon and agave!
Comment from : 3Umphbywill

Seriously who is filming whilst you're driving!?
Comment from : 3Umphbywill

Awesome footages bro
Comment from : Christiann

Adnan Ahmed
Nice video, I'm new here 😎🌼thumbs up bro for you 👍
Comment from : Adnan Ahmed

Omkar Gawas
Nice videos...love from India
Comment from : Omkar Gawas

Min Lungelow
My favorite teas are Bigelow's Plantation Mint, Celestial Seasoning's Madagascar Vanilla Red, and Teavana's Matevana.

Plantation Mint is a really flavorful mint black tea blend.
Madagascar Vanilla Red is a rooibus tea with vanilla, that's really good with milk or cream.
Matevana is a black tea blend that tastes like chocolate chip cookies.

Comment from : Min Lungelow

pubudu kohombagahage
Best tea in the world is "Ceylon Tea" love from Sri Lanka. Thanks for the content its great 😊👍
Comment from : pubudu kohombagahage

Geoffrey Van Zyl
You gotta try Rooibos tea from South Africa.
Comment from : Geoffrey Van Zyl

You leave the tea bag in while drinking it? 😱😂 And tea season is all year round! But that's maybe more just over here in England lol
Comment from : Bobby

syahril ramadhan
I like tee tubruk from Indonesia Bro.. aroma is original tee.
Comment from : syahril ramadhan

Zheka Tihiy
Hello Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad😂😄
Comment from : Zheka Tihiy

Luis Enrique Reyes Gonzalez
El Tė De Manzanilla es mi favorito 🍵🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Comment from : Luis Enrique Reyes Gonzalez

My favorite tea is coffee flavored :) I don't live in a van but 312 days a year I'm living in my big rig being a long haul trucker can appreciate the lifestyle keep it up bud .. Can appreciate the Oregon/ Washington Beauty in the passes and mountings I load in Tacoma every other week
Comment from : Scootersplace

SJ Rider
Assam tea. ( India )
Comment from : SJ Rider

George rosado
It also gave us here at home(NYC) the goose bumps 💨👍 thanks for sharring the view
Comment from : George rosado

Sunu Das
Happy New year,
2020, from India assam

Comment from : Sunu Das

Stickto YourDrums
The only tea I do is sweet ice tea. I’m more of a coffee guy. I love your shots man! Dope ass photography!
Comment from : Stickto YourDrums

Those mountains, trees & rivers are AMAZING!!!!! That picture with the snow cap mountain that looks like on fire is so beautiful!Take care on your journey so that you can share more of this videos.
Comment from : Velvetblue

Harry 2019
You can feel the spirit by watching your vid! Thumbs up bro 👍🏻👍🏻
Comment from : Harry 2019

Very inspiring!
Comment from : Jared55

Nandor Zsiros
Amazing & Epic Overnight Trip!!! Cheers, N.
Comment from : Nandor Zsiros

Jeremy Harris
Your hard work for capturing the best possible shots for your viewers really shines, simply breathtaking! You've earned a subscribe sir 👍
Comment from : Jeremy Harris

Yasir Chowdhary
Love from india ❤
Comment from : Yasir Chowdhary

Love all your video content, absolutely fantastic.
Comment from : PB

rezki mahardika
Hai , where's country ...beautiful spot
Comment from : rezki mahardika

Zack 691
Legend says it that he is still in the wilderness
Comment from : Zack 691

Zack 691
9:52 as soon as you prepare a tea, I pause, and prepare my own tea.
Comment from : Zack 691

Paul Evans
Awesome...loving your channel 🤗
Comment from : Paul Evans

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