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Darkened Scorpio
I sell used Jordan’s on fb market place. And have no problem. I have no problem selling them so easy
Comment from : Darkened Scorpio

Jeffery Ren
tom can u give me a shoutout on insta plz Syd._reseller
Comment from : Jeffery Ren

Kalen Jackson
what is the rail in the back called
Comment from : Kalen Jackson

I have a question not how to sell, how do I buy sneakers and wear to buy them to resell them 2019
Comment from : HNAHype

Gus robinson
Uncle Adam I want to learn how to sell shoes like make $100 can you teach me how to sell shoes please I want to know how to sell shoes I want to sell my whole shoes to the whole neighborhood make more muddy second hope y'all like help you when I get older I 1515 years old I wanna start of been 14 verse 14 on the make my own plus plus one shoes I'm saying all this worries it how much I don't know I'm your family and respect me as a family thing I'm gonna grow to be a young man I get more job I want to work as a post office that's all and that's all beat
Comment from : Gus robinson

Elijah Green
How do I get in or even find Instagram, Facebook group ?
Comment from : Elijah Green

andrew chakkalapadavil
Im selling true blue 3's for $170 size 11.5? Who trynna cop
Comment from : andrew chakkalapadavil

Wait.. u wont spend $15 on ebay to sell but ul spend $250 fee to sell in person?...

Am i missinq somethinq here?...

Maybe thats qood if ur qauranteed to sell 25 pairs at the event k no?

What if u pay the 250 and only sell 5 pairs at the event?..

Ebay wuda only charqed u about 80 to sell those 5 pairs k no?

With my math... 80 is always less than 250 last time i checked.

Anybody knowledqable please reply soon

Comment from : SMERKUZHEO G

A' aron
How long does it take to sell a shoe on average
Comment from : A' aron

What is the minimum you should try to make on a shoe ?
Comment from : TheManWithThePlan

Sneaker Invest
Awesome video! I make videos on reselling shoes as well.
Comment from : Sneaker Invest

Sorry bud this video sucks
Comment from : Sarah

Benjamin Segundo
Where do you download sneakerfacebook
Comment from : Benjamin Segundo

Stephanie Powers
Where’s the best place to sell just one sneaker?
Comment from : Stephanie Powers

Joey Henríquez
Comment from : Joey Henríquez

Respect 10+ min and no ads!!
Comment from : Zeldyy

I got a Nike air max 90 wool thunder blue never used and I have been holding on for a year how much should I sell them for?

I took some huaraches from my school lost and found, they were in decent quality but I just noticed they had a tear on both of them around the toe area where it bends, how do I fix this and can I still sell em?
Comment from : Rav

David Banner

That is crazy, I wonder how you afford such a sick shoe collection...

I thought for sure that you were buying and selling shoes...

Comment from : David Banner

Charlie Jasica
I can’t sell shoes, Nobody knows about my page and all of my followers are just my friends and don’t wanna buy shoes plz follow my instagram @cjm.kikzzz
Comment from : Charlie Jasica

Roy Chung
For people on Instagram groups will they buy like used shoes but are reallly clean
Comment from : Roy Chung

I bought a pair of the yeezy static in size 12, do they have a good resale value?
Comment from : LTV TV _

Matias Martin
Great source for wholesale name brand shoes

Comment from : Matias Martin

Rsydn Hkl
Really useful tips
Comment from : Rsydn Hkl

Andrew Boyd
anyone wanna buy2some off white air max 90 or any blazers also got some chicagos
Comment from : Andrew Boyd

97 97
Where’s ur hair line broooooooooooppoooooooooooooooioiiooooooooooooooooooo
Comment from : 97 97

Luis Duran Garcia
Can i buy sneakers from stores then resell them
Comment from : Luis Duran Garcia

Demetrey K
Tom I have 5’s 12’s and 8’s and AF1 for sale but it’s hard to sell them atm
Comment from : Demetrey K

Wock Star
What are some good instagram groups
Comment from : Wock Star

I am going to start selling my girl use thongs 🤷🏽‍♂️
Comment from : SOUL SNATCH3R

Tan Shen Yong
Need bulk on shirts and shoes..depends😂. Hit me up 🤙 ig: hypeZstreet
Comment from : Tan Shen Yong

fred fark
don't keep your money in the bank wtf hold silver or gold or bitcoin or re invest, fck banks.
Comment from : fred fark

G Man
If you are in Uk sell air max
I’ve found 95s for 60 quid at jd on the clearance rack /got a gold bullet 97 for 73 pounds

Comment from : G Man

Verified Matt
Go sub to my prank channel 😭🙏💯. And sub to his channel.
Comment from : Verified Matt

•colt• SK6Y
How to sell?
Comment from : •colt• SK6Y

A Kid
Who been here since the real ray ray 20?
Comment from : A Kid

Ayman Mohammed
How much should you sell your shoes like air Jordan 11?
Comment from : Ayman Mohammed

Dro Tenks
At the beginning of the video I thought he had a giant yeezys at first on his right.
Comment from : Dro Tenks

XX XpertChris XX
Who wanna buy some maroon foamposites??
Comment from : XX XpertChris XX

Jack Murray
Could this work in the uk
Comment from : Jack Murray

Benito Mussolini
Does it take long time to sell a shoe on stockX?
Comment from : Benito Mussolini

pope coin
HMU for Jordan 5 retro red suedes for cheap Deadstock : ig L_petroni5
Comment from : pope coin

Sarah Hippenmeyer
just look into the camera. you keep looking back and forth and it’s literally killing me. just look in the fucking camera. thanks.
Comment from : Sarah Hippenmeyer

Anyone realize he had Monopoly money inside he band?
Comment from : MrObey444

Hữu Long Nguyễn
Where could you resell shoe in London?? You suggest shoudn’t sell on facebook or ebay right?? I gonna have a pair of Supreme Nike AF 1 just drop today??? Thanks you
Comment from : Hữu Long Nguyễn

Fe4rr Skyxlahh
I’m selling barley used All black Jordan’s high tops retail:230 normal:360 size: 4/5 youth kids boys
Comment from : Fe4rr Skyxlahh

Lane Poovey
Jesus.. that thumbnail tho
Comment from : Lane Poovey

Junior Calix
Yo I just bought tho OVO 8s for retail from the raffle. How much should I wait ro resell them because that my intention I’m not gonna wear them at all
Comment from : Junior Calix

RayRay - Best video you've done. From a business standpoint you do have an entrepreneur endeavor on point. Even though you want to expand your channel to youtube advisory, i would recommend your insight to be expanded to:
1) Re-Selling
2) Advise for identifying the next off white
3) SneakerHeads - Where is the profit?
4) How to build your channel?

Comment from : kdm11117

DankMemes UK
420 comment
Comment from : DankMemes UK

Austin Spinard
what were the shoes that you sold.
Comment from : Austin Spinard

Pooh Got Game
Best Instagram sneaker groups ?
Comment from : Pooh Got Game

Terence Siow
Would anyone wanna buy a Jordan CP3X with deflated zoom units? xDDD
Comment from : Terence Siow

Anthony Marin
If anybody is here I have the new frozen yellow yeezys and I am selling for 1,200 so if anybody want hit me up on instagram I will send pics ChiStud
Comment from : Anthony Marin

Noah Brænden
3.00 anyone think it was a giant yeezy in the backround
Comment from : Noah Brænden

y r u flexing in us
Comment from : ThreePointMixes

Nathan Love-appling
How do I sell non hyped up shoes?
Comment from : Nathan Love-appling

Hasnain Ali
I need a sneaker plug that sells early release sneakers for retail😭
Comment from : Hasnain Ali

Bhargav Murthy
i have not yet started reselling sneaker.....My question is if i buy 10 jorands for wholesale (1piece =55$) and sell them for 300 or 200 dollar for each , so is this reselling ?
Comment from : Bhargav Murthy

Frank Sandagorda
What is the easiest sneaker size to sell
Comment from : Frank Sandagorda

Julie Tihonova
Earn money easily goo.gl/5xPfUY
Comment from : Julie Tihonova

Can i just buy a Nike shoe and then just resell it
Comment from : TotenkopfKatzen

Flynn Sweeney
What Instagram groups like what is the name
Comment from : Flynn Sweeney

Dan The Lottery Scratcher
Cheaper to pay 10 percent to eBay , then pay 250.00 to rent a spot for one day . Plus eBay your reaching a bigger audience.
Comment from : Dan The Lottery Scratcher

I buy new shoes and sell them, brand new. It's a good way for making profit
Comment from : ElegantView

Playground Legend
Thanks for the great vid it will definitely help
Comment from : Playground Legend

Sneakers Hype Hustle
Great vid! #sneakerheads we are a family! Nice bankroll too bro 💵
Comment from : Sneakers Hype Hustle

Jelly Jiraffe
Tom the type of dude to make a how to resell hoodie vid.
Comment from : Jelly Jiraffe

Umar Raja
hey I have Jordan j23 for sale deadstock get at me for info at umarr601@gmail.com
Comment from : Umar Raja

Brad Mills
Heck yeah man, I dig your content. You have a super easygoing aura and your vids are easy to watch all the way through. I'm new to making Vlogs/Tutorials about shoes and reselling in general, check out my stuff if you have the time and give me some feedback on what you think man, It would be awesome if you did! I subscribed and liked your vids! Hope to hear back from ya brotha!!! Keep at it!!
Comment from : Brad Mills

Xans Clan
Fuck cap beast
Comment from : Xans Clan

Лео Полищук
Lol I just picked up a pair of size 9 nmd r1 Champs exclusives for 170 from Stock X and realized that they are not only limited on flightclub, but are also over priced to $225! Probably will wear for a couple of weeks before reselling...
Comment from : Лео Полищук

Cameron Lynch
whats the best website(s) to find release dates, what to buy not to buy?
Comment from : Cameron Lynch

Javier Merino
I bought 17 pairs of yeezys on the first release, hold them and then the magic message of yeezy mafia ruined my life telling me that they where going to restock
Comment from : Javier Merino

Bigg Stephens
them fake yeezys look at the loos line on the back
Comment from : Bigg Stephens

D Baugh
stock x is amazing
Comment from : D Baugh

Austin 72
Thanks for the great video
Comment from : Austin 72

Samuel Smid
I just got Thomas Campbell x sb dunk high 'what the' and they are all sold out like right when I got them you say to wait but they are really hyped on goat and are selling right now for lots of money if I wait the hype will end up probably going down and get replaced by new sneakers that are coming out and I may loose my opertunity to sell them when there popular what should I do?
Comment from : Samuel Smid

Miles J.
Yo Ray, where could I get a plug for those yellow zebras??
Comment from : Miles J.

Nick Dewar
Anyone know sneaker groups for insta size 12
Comment from : Nick Dewar

Notice how not one single sneaker reseller mentions their sources. Does this mean they pay retail and hope it goes up somehow?
Comment from : thedeafgenius

Jayden Bryant
How do you know what shoes to buy
Comment from : Jayden Bryant

they dont have any nike outlets in or near nyc.
Comment from : ROB BANKS

i have a pair of sz10 kaws 4...bidding starts a 2bands. GO.
Comment from : ROB BANKS

canadian moneys gay, rainbow money. hes hiding it under the american money.😂
Comment from : ROB BANKS

Comment from : ROB BANKS

Jose Cardona
What do you think about the undefeated x converse one star collab? I bought a pair and haven't worn em yet, and now I'm wondering if I should or if I should wait to see if the value goes up.
Comment from : Jose Cardona

KlOud J
Hey guys give me a list of apps and websites that i can sell shoes!
Comment from : KlOud J

Justin Cho
Comment from : Justin Cho

Nick Isdith
I just bought my first pair of shoes to resell (Parley Ultraboost), so this video couldn't have come at a better time as I really had no idea what to do. Any idea on how long I should wait on a shoe like this?
Comment from : Nick Isdith

von wilson
Love you videos Tom! And my Instagram is @vonwilsonn
Comment from : von wilson

Nick Dewar
Does anyone know the names of some instagram groups for size 12?
Comment from : Nick Dewar

Jude Russell
my instagram user is @juderussell_
Comment from : Jude Russell

Stelly Evangelou
Comment from : Stelly Evangelou

Comment from : Anoobsshoelife7

Martin  Mihalicek
Im from montenegro and there are no discount stores like you have in america. I would like to resell sneakers but i dont know how. There arent any sneaker groups on fb and people here dont know anything about sneakers. Your tips would be much appreciated.
Comment from : Martin Mihalicek

Comment from : Cuhreek

bob joe
My ig is lucas_soccer_1
Comment from : bob joe

Erick Martinez
can I also resell teige and Hanley
Comment from : Erick Martinez

Marcus Younes
I don't have a sneaker event nerd me I live in syndey
Comment from : Marcus Younes

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