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MCQ Bushcraft & Wilderness Life
At the start of the year in my 2018 update video I talked about a trip that myself and Megan are going on early this year. We will be camping out of our vehicle and traveling through Europe into Norway and then later on, Sweden.
I purchased the Jeep a couple of years ago mainly for work as its useful for carrying all the kit to various bushcraft sites when running courses. I then started building it up more and more, taking part in events with off road groups. Its gotten to a stage where Its more bias to off road than overland but its in great shape, mechanically simple and sparse on electronics. I know it very well and as a platform it will make an excellent camper for the trip, especially as we head further north into more open wilderness.
I hope you guys enjoy the series.

Comment from : MCQ Bushcraft & Wilderness Life

mark marlow
Low mileage land rover discovery would be cheaper put some big tyres on job done not that I’m complaining but just thinking of time and money
Comment from : mark marlow

Chad The Inhaler
The closest i have been to this sort of project is converting an r/c scale truck. Even so, there are many similarities; changing gearing, locking diffs, softer tyres, made my own upgraded steering arms etc. So i understood most of this 🤓
Comment from : Chad The Inhaler

Joe Cully
Hi mike, it is clear that you have a wealth of knowledge regarding cars etc. I am interested in being a mechanic when i am older, however i don't know where to look in-order to learn the skills necessary. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

P.s. keep up the good work!

Comment from : Joe Cully

Tim Hopper
How do those hood Louvre work out?
Comment from : Tim Hopper

Knut Nordgaard
Excellent work 😎👏👌
Comment from : Knut Nordgaard

Lol puts my Defender to shame.
Comment from : Monkey

Alex de Witte
I’m looking for the episode where the misquitto meting of the rooftoptent wasn’t sufficient
Comment from : Alex de Witte

Keith Lucas
Just bought a 98 Jeep Cherokee with zero rust here in Texas for cheap, wasn't running....needed a fuel pump.
I've always had K-10's lifted, K-5 Blazers lifted w/44s, Jimmys and a couple of Jeep Libertys, so this one should be a fun project as well.

Comment from : Keith Lucas

I was running out of good car videos. I'm glad I found this series because this is right up my alley!
Comment from : Adam55

Elite Spanker
You did a good job with the rear bumper. You should come to the States with your XJ, Moab is a Jeepers paradise, lots of XJ parts here as well
Comment from : Elite Spanker

Elite Spanker
The rough country lifts are on the lower end of lift kits, I have one on my Rubicon, and am just waiting to get money to put my Rubicon express super flex on. I replaced my Rough Country shocks less than a year after I had them put on. The Bilsteins 5100 are a much better shock, I have found. For my XJ, I am going with a Rusty lift kit, they have a good rep, and its reasonably priced. The Goodyear Duratrac is a really good tire, good in the snow, and mud, and has good grip on the street as well.
Comment from : Elite Spanker

WildMan Frizzell
It’s great the way you say the word engine. 👍🏼
Comment from : WildMan Frizzell

Eric Turner
Interesting about the engine being used for agricultural purposes, and the different cylinder heads. I saw that on a Case 931 tractor over on ChuckE2009's channel. I wonder if this is common in the agricultural world.
Comment from : Eric Turner

Peter Barthel
All that work and now you've got the steering wheel on the wrong side. But at least now you have some real wilderness to enjoy. I always felt a little sorry for you because UK doesn't seem wild enough for me. I do back-country canoeing in Ontario and Quebec and that can get pretty far away from people. Love you're editing and educational videos.
Comment from : Peter Barthel

Rotor Ryan
Meticulous build dude, I just built a discovery 2 (the same tedious way)for a homesteading project. That's a lot of work , just be glad your never alone in over landing obsession. Great job
Comment from : Rotor Ryan

Chris Embleton
Mike, just stumbled across your video and I have a few questions.
1st have you mounted the header tank at all? How did you raise it? I’ve just replaced the heads on my own TD XJ, so I’m looking to not have to do the job ever again. How often. Do you change the coolant? I’ve heard changing it every 6000 miles makes a huge difference?
2nd what make are your floor mat trays? I’ve been looking for ages for some decent trays for our XJ, but with no luck. The bloody yanks have loads of tray style ones, but their pedals are in the wrong side of the car. Lol.
Cheers Chris.

Comment from : Chris Embleton

Bill Muirhead
I love this I don't know why North America hasn't gone to diesels is beyond me.
I have a 2005 Nissan Xterra a more than capable 4x4 but has a 4.0 l v6 that is a gas pig ,I so wish I had a diesel option for my rig!

Comment from : Bill Muirhead

Mark Cooke
Thanks for this...I'm searching for a van to convert and go full time in over here in the UK
Comment from : Mark Cooke

You continue to impress! You are definitely a talented man. The jeep should last a lifetime. Looking forward to watching the rest of the build videos.
Comment from : Jay

Vsauce 69
I wanna see what you did to that headliner
Comment from : Vsauce 69

never liked jeeps always preferred land rovers but i suppose nowadays they are either very expensive or just about scraping along
Comment from : highlandrab19

I would love to have that engine in my Xj here in the US
Comment from : Lyndon

Adventure and Fun
Very good explanation and very good job on the engine , it seems that you know the engine very well👍 i like your channel and the way your doing the videos. Thank you but I don’t understand the thumbs down, I think that they are just stupid 😉
Comment from : Adventure and Fun

That’s a human encyclopedia right there. Seriously is there anything you do not know?
Comment from : Yong

B Mar
Great video really helpful!
Comment from : B Mar

I have a '99 XJ as well (4.0 6-cyl.) and I have to say your engine compartment is unrecognizable to me! Some is probably due to it being a right-hand drive but rest is undoubtedly the mods and a completely different engine. How are your drive shaft angles? From one of the underside shots it looked like you're running a stock shaft and how much transfer case drop? Any vibrations, shudder or other unpleasantness from the driveline?
Comment from : PSS1963

Blake Chertkow
i live in the US and i have my own cherokee, never heard of these diesel motors that were put it in other countries. I wasnt a big fan of this motor until you said 31 mpg. that sounds alot better than the 11 i get on the freeway with my 4.0.
Comment from : Blake Chertkow

Miles What Nots
Fantastic build series. Straight forward, no BS, great video angles!
Comment from : Miles What Nots

Love the XJ. Very nice build.
Comment from : JKoverland

Jeremy JS
Wow, serious business. Great video.
Comment from : Jeremy JS

Oh my goodness they put the steering wheel on the wrong side.
Comment from : Tigerfire75

calhoun hendricks
Ive been watching your bushcraft videos for a while now. Now I see a Jeep build! I love it. Jeeps are pretty much a religion here in the USA. If you ever venture across to this side, you have bushcrafting/Jeeping brethren here as well. Cheers!
Comment from : calhoun hendricks

Ed Lord
What kind of welder did you use. Flux core, MIG?
Comment from : Ed Lord

Zachary Smith
I wish it worked out for you to go w/ a better quality than Rough Country. Be careful with any RC steering components for the XJ as they are known to be weak. On your D35 you should be fine for 33's unless it has a locker. If you have any issues ever come get some input at Cherokeeforum.com and dip in to the wealth of knowledge.
Comment from : Zachary Smith

Rickard Andersson
a question, how often do you need to refill the coolant - i have had two VM Diesel cherokees and bouth needed a coolant refill after around 3 fuel refills
Comment from : Rickard Andersson

Rickard Andersson
do you know what year they upgraded the diesel engine?
Comment from : Rickard Andersson

Im anxious to see some video from your trip Mike.
Comment from : Trooper2221

it worries me your leaving home and shop behind lol. so what will ya do? store all tools and such? find a new place to live after the trip? But I dig your style man!!
Comment from : Trooper2221

I enjoy the jeep build vids as well. Wished I had the skills to do a build like this
Comment from : Trooper2221

Strachan Johnston
excellent work, I have a project XJ from 97, post facelift, same engine. Very few spots of rust but needs a good going over and re-proofing, will watch your videos with great interest and will look out for you on the roads (although Im in south of scotland so not sure ill spot you often ) Happy trails...
Comment from : Strachan Johnston

Ever Changing Me
I’m in the U.S. and Loved my 2001 Jeep Cherokee! Bought it new back then. Wish I still had it! Still have a Jeep but I don’t think any will ever compare for me! Wow I had no idea about the history of the build...great stuff! Thanks
Comment from : Ever Changing Me

Your voice makes me happy
Comment from : Daniel

Wilderness Field Journal
That is a sweet Jeep! Nicely done. It’s great to see a Jeep exploring overseas. interesting engine, I’ve never seen one in the US. I have a 2000 Limited, it’s my third Cherokee. I would love to learn more about how you did your body work, I want to do that to my Jeep as well.
Comment from : Wilderness Field Journal

Muskoka Bros
Love it
Comment from : Muskoka Bros

Regular Sean
I am so lost, but this is amazing.
Comment from : Regular Sean

Lorenzo Sciullo
Why did you prefer a XJ rather than a Patrol GR y60?
Comment from : Lorenzo Sciullo

Jack Evans
Is there anything you don't do?
Comment from : Jack Evans

Damn XJ, don't like them. They belong in 1980. VM Motori are okay though.
Comment from : zz3OPEN

Michael Bowers
I’ve only seen this video but out of all of the videos I’ve seen on cherokees yours is the most informative and knowledgeable. You nearly reengineered the jeep. Very thorough and I’m thoroughly impressed
Comment from : Michael Bowers

Hi Michael. Do you reckon you got any performance gain from relocating the intercooler? Also how often you need to empty your catch can? I have tons of blowby on mine/ almost half a liter every 30km or so.
Comment from : dochanjorge

Furness Prime
Is the A/T better off-road, or is the M/T better on-road? Hmm, good question.
Comment from : Furness Prime

Furness Prime
Needs bigger wheels; in my opinion. It is lifted so high, you need to put bigger wheel on there. You could always lower it down a little, or whatever-- its cool either way. I just like low.
Comment from : Furness Prime

Furness Prime
I thought the 4.0L kicked the dust, but it turns out to be a diesel. So at least all the knocking makes sense.
Comment from : Furness Prime

raymond bailey
You have a nice drive there Mcq.
Comment from : raymond bailey

Austin Powers
The gasoline engines, the 2.5 and 4.0, have a similar problem with cracking heads but it is much much less common and cheaper to fix.
Comment from : Austin Powers

WT Force
You're great! I love this series so far. You're so thorough and you seem to have always aimed for the fix that will give your ride life for years to come. Excellent work.
Comment from : WT Force

Ryan Dunnion
Hey man you should hit Ireland for a bit of overlanding. Check out Donegal overlanding and there's a bunch of other pages. Great growing community here
Comment from : Ryan Dunnion

LFTD offroad
Dude, that is awesome! I love it. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing your progress
Comment from : LFTD offroad

Great video and very nice XJ. You really can't go wrong with a Cherokee!
Comment from : xXBocephusXx

Little PAW 1969
Nice Jeep.
Comment from : Little PAW 1969

jay kay
great vid mike
Comment from : jay kay

Cumberland Creeper
Good looking XJ. It seems you have done a lot of work. Like the little diesel engines. I wish my Jeep got gas mileage like that.
Comment from : Cumberland Creeper

Marlee Harrison
Hey MCQBushcraft I am from Australia and am about to sell my Wrangler to get one of these, just wondering what you did to the exhaust to make it sound so good and why did you put studs on the rockercover?


Comment from : Marlee Harrison

You put a lot of good work into your Cherokee..American made parts prices must be scary. I know they are here in Canada.. We never got the diesel engines here, but I had two naturally aspirated Landcruisers that showed you how little horsepower they had. I have a Wrangler Unlimited JK. I am impressed with the work you have done, and I am looking forward to the rest of the series. Thank you for showing us your Jeep, Mike
Comment from : shovelhead8

Rifle Grenade
No sliders on an XJ? Brave man.
Comment from : Rifle Grenade

Shawn Huston
WOWED! Intense upgrades. Nice job.
Comment from : Shawn Huston

Hi Mike, awesome video, didn't realise you were such a mechanical wizard, love that truck !
Comment from : Pauloutdoors

Ryan Davis
Speaking of your steering and axle stuff take a look at artecindustries.com
We manufacture a ton of stuff you may be interested in

Comment from : Ryan Davis

Mike! Amazing video series, strange though, I always expect a video about being in the woods when I hear your voice. I have to ask, where the heck did you learn how to do all of this mechanic work? As an amateur mechanic myself, I’d pay money to see some how-to mechanic videos from you!
Comment from : Tyler

i would like to see you explore the tundra or maybe even bag a reindeer
Comment from : Nocturnal

Good ideas
Comment from : JEEPINJUSTIN

Peter Nord Bushcraft
Nice Jeep, I have owned a few Wranglers!
Comment from : Peter Nord Bushcraft

My favorite XJ color!  Excited to follow along on you build.... always looking for new ideas.
Comment from : TrailRecon

Chas Gordon
Cant wait to see the rear bumper tie-in video. That will be my next project for our 95 XJ project. That is after the rock sliders and rub rails get done, Just finished the mid frame stiffeners on the Jeep. So solid now!
Comment from : Chas Gordon

Just jealous you can get a CHEROKEE outside of Canada and the US with a diesel
Comment from : ecoheliguy

OK, and now the obvious question. Why Jeep and not Land Rover? :)
Comment from : neywa402

nick woolley
Brilliant I want to get an XJ next year and this is a great information piece.
Comment from : nick woolley

This is incredible!! I'm so excited for the rest
Comment from : j*fitness*310

phyllis mulkey
you have done a lot of work on it
Comment from : phyllis mulkey

Ozdave McGee
If you get a winch get a wireless remote one
Comment from : Ozdave McGee

Ozdave McGee
Never seen these engines before. Omg how easy to do the head. Beats a straight six 4 cylinder or a v8 v6 head. Bloody smart idea single cylinder head. A head gasket a set of sockets and torque wrench roadside repair easy. Brilliant
Comment from : Ozdave McGee

Martin Williams
Great to see you back with more vids Mike and you've combined several of my interests all in one, outdoors and bushcrafting, wilderness adventures, vehicles, off roading, modding vehicles and mechanics. I never saw that coming!

Very much looking forward to this series and really enjoy your intelligent and considered style of delivery. You actually remind me a bit of one of my old martial arts instructers - very different subject matter of course, but he too possess an analytical intelligence and had a way of presenting his subject with clarity, logic and completeness, shame he became too busy with Red Bull Racing and stopped delivering classes.

If on the off chance you happen to be a third dan in Ju Jitsu or something, then I look foward to seeing you shoehorn a bit of that in too! ;-

Comment from : Martin Williams

jeromy grant
where did you get your window vents? brand?
Comment from : jeromy grant

Growing up my parents had two of them pretty much lived Cherokee Jeeps
Comment from : MASTER MEME

Very clever stuff Mike. You really know your stuff and then some. Your Jeep must be nuke proof after all those mods! I bet you could do wonder with my ldv Ford banana engine.
Comment from : chilliman07

Jason Kraus
Love it, Mike. I'm working on an old truck myself as well, about a year and a half in with a hard six to nine months left if things go well. It's a full frame-off restoration of a 60's truck, so a bit different, but I'm sure chasing rust like you have as well. Nice to see how wide your interests are from wheel to field!
Comment from : Jason Kraus

Mark P
Nice XJ but the steering wheel is on the wrong side!!!
Comment from : Mark P

Gareth Scott
Missing 't' 0:41 title MCQ Bushcraf
Comment from : Gareth Scott

ian fitz
That was brilliant, very informative , really enjoyed the change 👍
Comment from : ian fitz

Thats a Beast Mike! 💪🏻
Comment from : jonfun84

Rickyboyz 100
Lookin' good Mike, so is the Jeep
Comment from : Rickyboyz 100

Ads B
That's one hell of a vehicle! Fair play mate jack of all trades it seems. Looking forward to the series
Comment from : Ads B

Awesome Mike. Even tho there is no bow drilling or hunting in this, I do see "Mike" in this video and project. Just like your other videos it really shines that you are very serious about anything you put your time in to. I will look forward to following this build and the future trip


Comment from : Rune

awesome job on the rig, really looking forward to this series..
Comment from : L A U N

I thought that thing had a nasty lifter tick until he said it was a diesel lol
Comment from : Darkage1919

Camp Life
Im so excited for this. Bushcraft and jeeps my 2 fav things comeing together...
Comment from : Camp Life

adam b
mike forget the jeep brand ino it mite be hard as I have owned 1 myself but u really need to buy an old land rover yes u might have to replace a lot of parts but once its been done it will last years no matter what terrain u throw at it
Comment from : adam b

Caution. Driver has an extreemly small wang
Comment from : asfvdbgsdh

Mike McNice
An awful lot of work involved into making an all-terrain car look and work like this. Remarkable job on the Jeep like on everything else you touch. Cheers
Comment from : Mike McNice

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