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Chris Smith
Wow! That's a big pellet.
Comment from : Chris Smith

hope ur kids will be at those fox places one day
Comment from : Aj

Roshan Sharma
Are you human?????
Comment from : Roshan Sharma

iiOyarzo Beast
Why do you kill animals? I hope you suffer from what they felt as well, I hope you suffer in pain.
Comment from : iiOyarzo Beast

Daisy Slone
I am 9 and I love Fox's I hatt you
Comment from : Daisy Slone

Hilton Acker Jr
Y’all could have fucking shot a ballon why you got to kill a fuckin fox
Comment from : Hilton Acker Jr

Hilton Acker Jr
Da fuc wrong with these dumbass niggas
Comment from : Hilton Acker Jr

roblox destroyer
Are you dumb?
Comment from : roblox destroyer

Brian B
Macabre but interesting.
Comment from : Brian B

Shane Grant
Comment from : Shane Grant

Jami Diazo
now i know what an insides of a fox looks like =)
Comment from : Jami Diazo

The Rat Reaper
Very Good video , thanks
Comment from : The Rat Reaper

Friends Law
Whh you do that to nature rudd ass self you stupid bitch
Comment from : Friends Law

Lotus Moon
F you
Comment from : Lotus Moon

Plzz don’t kill them
Comment from : MR. FISH

Small dick
Comment from : Xavier

fox head soup.
Comment from : NoSunBeach

Tiago Abreu
How are these even legal ?
Comment from : Tiago Abreu

Am I the only one here for research on human hunting
Comment from : Glizz9

Damn that fox be ugly as shit with the skin off
Comment from : Glizz9

This video got 0 likes and 0 dislikes.
Comment from : SHOOTER3258

Connor Rocha
For anybody in the USA, this doesn’t mean you can’t shoot a Fox with a .22 cal air rifle, just make sure it’s near 30ft/lbs, which is standard for most break barrel air rifle, it will 100% put down the fox cleanly, provided you aren’t a terrible shot
Comment from : Connor Rocha

The Watcher
Classic example of why UK gun laws are stupid and the 12lbs limit should be scrapped and increased so air gunners can kill foxes licence free.
Comment from : The Watcher

Justin Gibson
22 twenty two not 2 two
Comment from : Justin Gibson

Nandani Deepak
Funny but just gonna say fox abuse 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😈
Comment from : Nandani Deepak

John Collins
wow your sick next time you make a hunting video do it with a deer head
Comment from : John Collins

Its Sweaty
This Is Disgusting How Can You Sleep At Night.
Comment from : Its Sweaty

Kane Smith
That Fox knew what he did
Comment from : Kane Smith

abraham mani
We shoot way bigger coyotes(compare to fox) in America with 30 cal full power(your F.A.C) PCP ,and we are using body shots to coyotes chest and lungs inside 125 yards and many many times with my experience coyote only ran 30 to 50 yards before it die , fox is nothing compared to a coyote in power or size ,these experts never shot a fox with high power pcp iam sure about that ,that is why they keep on saying 50 yards only 50 yards to me pcp 30 cal is lot more effective than rimfire
Comment from : abraham mani

Broke boi moses
This is so wrong this is animal cruelty and abuse I'm gonna report you psychos and let the law decide your fate hope you suffer like those animals you've killed you animal killers!!!!
Comment from : Broke boi moses

Logan Watson
How about I shoot you and chop your head off and make into jackets and clothes
Comment from : Logan Watson

Logan Watson
What the hell is your problem why do you kill foxes you dumb ass foxes are cute and cuddly you fucker
Comment from : Logan Watson

Wang HanDuo
You can shoot rib or pork to reveal the penetration effect instead of foxes ,quite brutal which would breach the common morality
Comment from : Wang HanDuo

Eva Jordan
In India same gun is used on Kashmiris by Indian Forces don't believe search it on google 'Pallet gun used by indian forces in kashmir
Comment from : Eva Jordan

Dirty Pancakes
I bet all his videos are demonitized hahahahah
Comment from : Dirty Pancakes

Dirty Pancakes
I'd love to shoot this dude in the head xD
Comment from : Dirty Pancakes

Dirty Pancakes
Somebody should use this faggots head as target practice
Comment from : Dirty Pancakes

How much damage can a .25 do?
Comment from : EKA VLOGS

Comment from : D4RKILLRS

jason alfaro
what the fuck...
Comment from : jason alfaro

jimokie edc
Nice air rifle
Comment from : jimokie edc

kinda low
That head that you have in your hand used to be alive. Well done, dickhead. You've ended another life.
Comment from : kinda low

Nathanial 17
It would be great if you tried a test with a gamo harnet
Comment from : Nathanial 17

Just wanted to say over the pond in Canada my buddy an I get coyotes for farmers with 48ft lbs air rifles shooting .22 pellets. Up to 85 yards. Super human the animal falls dead in its own shadow. But that said we put in a lot of hours of practice and know the limitations of our air rifles. In fact i just got a 25 cal to add to my inventory for coyote hunting.
For anyone against shooting coyotes, several years back we lost 14 goats in one night to coyote pack. They only at 2. Rest was for fun. So coyotes are not welcome here as we aren’t the only property to lose animals to them. Cracking shooting and keep u0 the great content!

Comment from : MACISUS

Ken Tichy
I have a strange desire to go to Walmart to get me a bag of fox heads for target practicing.
Comment from : Ken Tichy

Ohh goshh i dident expect to find this kinda video to show how powerful and airgun is... This is awful to do this!
Comment from : Zedemore

Aero The Grey Wolf
I will fucking beat you with a stick, you murderer!
Comment from : Aero The Grey Wolf

Panget Ikaw
Fuck all of you for the sake of.your experiment your killing.a fox fuck!!!
Comment from : Panget Ikaw

Rexcel Oclarit
Why dont you just try it shoot to you head idiots.
Comment from : Rexcel Oclarit

joe campbell
Fucking disgusting first picture ..
Comment from : joe campbell

Zosia Boroń
Oh my guest, this is the kind of karma you will come back to for killing for pleasure ... you have no right to kill
Comment from : Zosia Boroń

Natalija Laonar
Be more interested to see the efect of a .30cal air rifle on a human(sized) head. Maybe get some cow heads and shoot them?

Nice demonstration tho. That fox skull exploded nicely.

Comment from : Natalija Laonar

Mark Shaw
Lovely to shoot animals....I really enjoy watching these type of video's....please shoot more....MUCH MUCH MORE...bwahahaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa
Comment from : Mark Shaw

and we must act that these people are normal.... but no they are NOT
Comment from : imashaman

Rice Man
When i was 11 i shot a fox in the head with a .22 cal sub 12 flb air rifle.
Comment from : Rice Man

Morris Crusca
Shoot your dick and ball moron
Comment from : Morris Crusca

jean-pierre hemmingsson
Slug in 30 cal at 950 ft / sec. With new FX impact Mark 2. with 700mm liner
Comment from : jean-pierre hemmingsson

Kill all the foxes in the world. They are nothing but pests and a nuisance fuck all you idiots who don't think foxes are a problem for farmers, livestock and their land. Bunch of hypocrites
Comment from : Abraham

John Connor *
Proof of a .177s effectiveness on coyote!

Comment from : John Connor *

Phantom Wind
I'd like to see this on a human's head... you know, you gotta do that kind of pest control sometimes, too.
Comment from : Phantom Wind

basil brush
What people do not realize is some animals are pests and people get very frustrated. I have killed a lot of urban foxes with a 12 pound .22
because we were walking their shit into our house and i am not allowed anything more powerful in this country. if you are in Texas i would not imagine any animals are left that annoy you. But now my fox problem is back again. Why. Because people feed them. More annoyance and i might add. it is a 100 to one chance of even getting a shot off.

Comment from : basil brush

It's smiling!
Comment from : Activo

I’m calling PETA!
Comment from : BX56

Dillon Buttface9000
You monsters
Comment from : Dillon Buttface9000

Benik CZ
Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
Comment from : Benik CZ

So basically the UK allow a pissy low powered rifle to enable non license and mainly law abiding citizens to do nothing more than dispatch rats, mink squirrels etc but not enough juice for wild or stray dogs, or foxes that kill livestock or your family pet cat?
What a crock of shit

Comment from : 1700iDiGuy

Luvsansunrev Khongorzul
blew the skull off of that vixen or that reynard.
Comment from : Luvsansunrev Khongorzul

Could you do something similar with an FX Impact FAC rifle in .25 calibre. Interested to see if any increase in knock down power and any increase in kill range beyond 50yards given this rifles accuracy.
Comment from : Elfin4

Here in the hardwood forests of the Great Lakes region, our average shooting distance is 25-40 yards. My Winchester 1400cs .177UM, Crosman GuideHawk NP .177UM, or Hatsan Striker 1000x .22 could do the job with a headshot between the eye & ear where the average critter skull is the thinnest. And a H&N Hornet pellet wouldn't be a bad idea either.
Comment from : unionrdr

F0XRacer 25
I hate you I love foxes jerk
Comment from : F0XRacer 25

- -
What a douche is this guy
Comment from : - -

Goran Djikic
How you see the Fox head whit the FX-BOSS 30cal 110 Joules energy ,half the head exploded,not human .....
Comment from : Goran Djikic

Goran Djikic
What is the problem,whit this gun FX-BOSS you can shoot a pig ,and the Fox the body shot bring him down in a second ,whit lighter hunting Scorpion hol point pellet 900fps and make so a great damage ,110Joules Energy
Comment from : Goran Djikic

i report this...
Comment from : Henear

What does the fox say?? Nothing. It's dead. Wanna know More??

Read more

Comment from : SILENT HILL

Micheal Blackwell
Don't know why you would use an airgun??????. How about you don't want to scare the crap out of your animal's. I have a boss, and shoot a lot more than small foxes, and a lot further than 50 yards. Pigs to 80 yards, coyote to 100. And accurate???. VERY.
Comment from : Micheal Blackwell

Aranyak Maitra
Where can I buy hunters' heads?
Comment from : Aranyak Maitra

Lynette Scribner
I hope for every single pellet or bullet that penetrates an animal for any reason other than for food, a pellet or bullet of the same size and velocity penetrates the testicles of the shooter. So sad that men feel so inadequate and are so low in testosterone and insecure that they need to hurt animals to prove to other ball-less men something. I hope these shooters get it right in the eyes and right in the balls.
Comment from : Lynette Scribner

sinjin K
@3:43 lol
Comment from : sinjin K

Tech joker
teri bhen ki chut
Comment from : Tech joker

Larry Holmes
Y'all sick ass he'll die this
Comment from : Larry Holmes

Malcolm James
What a gruesome video.This video seems to be advertising about the fx rifle ,These guns are much too expensive and we'll overpriced?
Comment from : Malcolm James

Comment from : PoMmeSTW

No Foxes Were Harmed In The Making Of This Video, You Know Why?

Cause Theyre Dead... Stupid

Comment from : treborg

Steve Jenkins
Is a 30fpe 22 cal airgun enough for fox? Looks like u guys have alot of extra killing power there. My 30fpe gun is a sub 3/8 gun at 50 yards. Any thoughts? Or better yet a video?
Comment from : Steve Jenkins

Benjamin Riggs Outdoors &All
why is that the uk has all airgunners shoot only 12 foot pounds
Comment from : Benjamin Riggs Outdoors &All

Matthew Gerhardt
Now that is a man with a hitch in his giddyup.
Comment from : Matthew Gerhardt

Heri C.
Lol u comparing 22 air gun 12 ftlbs vs 30 cal 120 ftlbs,why u didnt compared 22 45ftlbs at least...
Comment from : Heri C.

Green Creative
poor fox
Comment from : Green Creative

are there allot of limitations to .22 rifles in the UK? because the .22 rifle he has looks a HELL of a lot more expensive than mine and its only delivering below 12 foot pounds? here in america i have a break barrel spring rifle that will do 18-21 foot pounds of energy. depending on the pellet. and it wasnt even that expensive it was like 140 dollars, or 97 british pounds. and thats not even box claims, thats actual chrony results. i could spend 2-250 dollars, or 139-174 british pounds on a slightly better rifle that will do 30+ foot pounds in a .22 which i think would be more than enough to take out a fox with a clean headshot at 20-30 yards. are there any limitations to the size of the caliber, and power you can use in the UK?
Comment from : D. DIAZ

Cuddly Mangle
I want to see the hunters head get shot.
Comment from : Cuddly Mangle

Matt S
what do you need to test it on a skinless fox? are these common in the UK?
Comment from : Matt S

The ToxicBadger
I dropped a fox at 53 yd with a 177 cal pellet gun so BULLSHIT
Comment from : The ToxicBadger

Wilderness Man
Yeah but that's it 50-yard you dumbass you try to make it 12 foot pounds look bad what about the same test on the fox at 30 yards you didn't test that you don't want to test that but you don't want to show that at 30 yards or less you can kill a fox with 12 foot pounds give or take if you do not come back and do this exact same test again with exception I'm using the 12 foot pound rifle 30 yards can you have conclusively prove it that you are stacking the deck against the 12 foot pound rifle you're trying to make it look bad because nobody halfway decent brain and their head that's not totally fucking stupid is going to try to shoot a fox with a 12 pound at 50 yards they going to do it at 30 yards or less which means you have to be a better Hunter now do the test I dare you
Comment from : Wilderness Man

Joseph KERR
Why are there so many vegetarians and animal lovers here. what business do you have here if you own a gun you must know they were made for one thing...
Comment from : Joseph KERR

Ashley Stanness
Will there be a follow up video using the fx in a real life fox hunt.great video keep up the good work.
Comment from : Ashley Stanness

Paul Moyer
I saw the title on the video said they were shooting at a fox head and clicked, thinking it was Rupert Murdoch, Hannity or even O'Reilly. You can imagine my disappointment!
Comment from : Paul Moyer

Foxes 585
Are you normal?
You are stupid sick.

Comment from : Foxes 585

dave Scopes
I've had problems with foxes for years coming into my garden as I live close to a very large woodland area. They have dug up into my pigeon and chicken pen before and killed 8 pigeons and 2 chickens. Didn't eat any of them just ripped them up all over my garden. Some only half dead. They still try to dig up into the pen but I've had to fit a wire floor down under the soil. But they still dig round parts of the garden around my chicken pen. I've shot many of them with my pre charged 22 cal BSA ultra multi shot at just under 12ft pound. That's the legal maximum power in the UK without a firearms licence. The foxes are only about 60 feet away and most times just one head shot is enough. I don't shoot them for fun please understand. But when they are killing your pets something has to be done.
Comment from : dave Scopes

you are cmitid seasid
Comment from : Gacha_glitter

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