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Hans Julin
Hi there.
I miss you. I do hope that Sweden didn't prove difficult, especially sins you started of in such a positiv spirit.
If there is anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to ask, I will do My outmost to assist you.
With kind regards, Hans J

Comment from : Hans Julin

Roberto Calvo y Martín
What month did you make this trip ?
Comment from : Roberto Calvo y Martín

Really like how the couple passed by :) Were they Norwegian or from Sweden and passing through?
Comment from : G P

How did you both meet? Such a great thing to share the life together; rare and blessed. :)
Comment from : G P

Family Four Explore
Just discovered your channel. Your videos are amazing and literally make my heart flutter! We have sold our house to go travelling in our landrover. We have two children and a dog too! Norway is top of list. Seeing how beautiful it is in your videos is beyond words. Going to binge watch you guys now xx
Comment from : Family Four Explore

Jeremy Norman
Thoroughly enjoyed this series. Well done both of you...Trust me, you have to make memories while you are young enough.
Comment from : Jeremy Norman

James A
Very brave and ambitious of the two of you,the perfect display of the true nature of the human spirit. Thanks for taking us along. Inspiring, to say the least.
Comment from : James A

Vagabond Querier
Hope you soon will get 1 million subs and a constant viewership. This channel is amazing and MCQ deserves the best and most top spot.
Comment from : Vagabond Querier

Grab Me Gear
Such a stunning place and can’t get over all the water available...👍
Comment from : Grab Me Gear

Sam Treweek
Hi there mike, I’m 15 and into bushcraft but have no where to do it. What should I do. I have all the gear btw cause I was in scouts. Hope you had a good time in Sweden. Sam
Comment from : Sam Treweek

I have so enjoyed your videos so far especially this last series. Pair of you have obviously worked very hard to get were you are now am so envious, Please what ever you get up to next keep up the good work i'm too old to ever think of doing what you have done but its great to live those fantastic experiences through your videos.
Wishing you all the best

Comment from : IAN ELLIOTT

Alot of followers in other videos wonder why you have not been approached by mainstream media such as BBC, personally I would really not like to see MCQ go from a great, chilled out alternative media to Mainstream, it will lose it's magic that makes it Mike and Megan's MCQ channel. This is IMO the best Bushcraft channel that I have come across! Mike is a true Woodsman ...
Please continue keeping it real brother ...

Comment from : BushmanAOD

Sam Johnson
Its time for a video we miss you
Comment from : Sam Johnson

sh farah
Wow this is amazing you are both are amazing Michelle it is a real miracle you have found Megan.
I wish you all the best to your every adventure and move.
Lots of love.

Comment from : sh farah

Karma Calling
Missing your excellent Bushcraft videos Mike, I look forward to your next instalment and have been following your work closely for the last 4 years. Since you had just begun to use the EZEE 6, and It is second to none. Best wishes to you and Megan on your new journey in Sweden. Best wishes from Russ in N.Ireland.
Comment from : Karma Calling

Charles Bennett
MCQBushcraft it's been a month since your last video post I hope everything is well with you and Megan I enjoyed watching your journey thank you for sharing.


Comment from : Charles Bennett

Bob Smith
I’ve watched a lot of your vids and I’m amazed how professional your camera work is 👍 you must put a serious amount of work into it.
Comment from : Bob Smith

Andy Varley
I've been checking in time to time, to see if anything has popped up, and never said a thing each time but now I'm wanting to know......what happened???!!!!!!! Whatever it is post something up! Is it a cabin? Still driving? Work in Sweden? I've got theories piling up and no answers :o(

Trusting you both are just fine, exploring a new place, a new space, go on let us know how it's going. The whole series, the whole channel, is produced with quality touches, too good to be allowed to go quiet! :o)

Wishing you guys all the best, hats off to your adventure spirit, stayy well.

Comment from : Andy Varley

Loki The Builder
Awesome stuff and thanks for your valuable time doing this
The editing you have done with the clips are awesome , outstanding
And it also makes it really interesting that you comment and tell a story as it goes by
I take my hat off
By the way all Rivers close to Glaciers are green Its beautiful

Comment from : Loki The Builder

C. Ripley
MCQBushcraft: easily one of YouTube's undiscovered gems. Your videos always bring me a sense of peace and a desire to return to the wilderness. Happy trails!
Comment from : C. Ripley

Jason W. Perkins
Nice video. I like your trailer video
Comment from : Jason W. Perkins

Richard Roberts
I'm new to bushcraft and as such I'd like to learn some skills that require a bushcraft knife. As I live in the UK any locking or fixed blade knife is illegal to carry without good reason. My question, which I'm sure has been asked countless times before is, is practicing bushcraft as a hobby a good enough reason to be in possession of a knife in a public place, provided you are going to, at or returning home from where you practice your bushcraft skills?
Comment from : Richard Roberts

Armpitjam 4
I seen a guy that looks exactly like you today in Wotton-under-Edge, was it you?. Probably not lol.
Comment from : Armpitjam 4

Cherokee44 Oklahoma
Hope you and Meg are well. Please update us with your lives at this point as summer ends. Thank you.
Comment from : Cherokee44 Oklahoma

11:11 wow what a view!
Comment from : JKRsebas

Kavish Koomar
Wow... That's quite a surprise!! I wish you both best of luck in settling down where your heart calls for... Cant wait for the next episode!! Cheers
Comment from : Kavish Koomar

Tim Carico
Hope you all are ok. Waiting for more .
Comment from : Tim Carico

Johnny's TJ
Hej Guys, how are you doing, I'm starting to miss you....everything OK?
Comment from : Johnny's TJ

Hi Mike,

Check this channel out, fantastic fire lighting skills.

Watch "How I Discovered The Ashed Tinder Technique" on YouTube

Comment from : Sart

Steve Davis
Amazing and WOW , thank you and your wife Mike and Meghan for sharing this video. When you truly are in Love and She loves you , explained right here. Wishing you both all the best and look forward to your next videos. Thank You.
Comment from : Steve Davis

Christopher Ellis
Here's another one for you

Comment from : Christopher Ellis

michael crider
Words can't express they serenity and relaxation that comes from the narration of this video.
Comment from : michael crider

gianni arnoldons
Wht an amazing trip!
Comment from : gianni arnoldons

Henning Andersen
Thanks for making amazing travel videos! The scenery is absolutely stunning and you make me love my own country even more! Have been exploring Norway the last two summers and these videos really make me tour the homeland even more next summer!
Glad you had such a good experience here, and I hope you'll make more videos of Norway in the future too! Enjoy Sweden next 😊

Comment from : Henning Andersen

Lydia Tse
Hi , We would like to invite you to review Olight EDC Flashlight Torch . lydia@olightworld.com
Comment from : Lydia Tse

This is a stunning beautiful country & have to say the perfect environment for you both. With both your passions for the outdoors. You truly are blessed Mike & Megan is a very special gem. All the very best of luck to you both.
Comment from : EnglishAndy

sonney treacher
awsome videos Michael really enjoy them. Whats going on with your website i cant seem to find it anymore!?
Comment from : sonney treacher

Mike Keefe
Mike, it's a real pleasure watching your videos. You've got a great girl there in Meg, someone who enjoys the same things you do. Keep the vids coming!
Comment from : Mike Keefe

James Boucher
All I can say is awesome!! You two are very lucky.
Comment from : James Boucher

David Ward
Thanks for bringing us along on such an amazing journey. And storytelling to match. Best of success in your next life's chapter!
Comment from : David Ward

Buzz and Sel Unsupervised
Fantastic!!! Living life to the full. 👏👏👏👏Make it happen. Cheers Sel
Comment from : Buzz and Sel Unsupervised

Erik Lundkvist
I love this serie!! Thanks =)
Comment from : Erik Lundkvist

As someone who just moved to Norway for much the same reasons, I wish you both all the very best! I can, obviously, wholeheartedly relate to your desire to be closer to nature and to live a different sort of life than is possible in the UK or central Europe.
Hope to see more of your awesome videos soon, and I'd love to bump into you sometime in Norway or Sweden. If you're ever in southern Norway - Telemark, specifically - again I'd love for you to give me a shout.

Comment from : MrDaerion

Quinn The Eskimo
Looks like a very special place for you and Megan. Take care.
Comment from : Quinn The Eskimo

alan Ball
Comment from : alan Ball

Amazing,just incredible,beautiful and ancient landscapes,I envy you both.Your videos are perfect and you both have a great idea setting up home somewhere in the wilderness,always liked the idea of doing that myself.Wish you all the best,enjoy your travels,and watch out for the Trolls!! :)
Comment from : The_Dizzy_Piper

Don Marlowe
in one of your european travels you said that you and meg want to live some where in the wilderness,,,,why not alaska......its remote and very few people and they welcome people into the country and after a year or so they pay you to homestead and set down roots.....a great place for using your bushcraft skills......
Comment from : Don Marlowe

Mike batfaced after the beer made me chuckle. I'd love to do as you are doing but now is not the time for me and my road does not lead that way just yet. Enjoy wherever your road takes you but I'm sure I speak for every single subscriber when I say please please don't stop uploading videos, we emplore you.
Comment from : Dravensdmf

Todd Bushcrafter
are you guys eventually going to come back??? i am sure the thought of staying in this travel mode has crossed your mind. i have gone to other areas away from my home town and i start thinking about what i would need to do in order to relocate....i look online for jobs and price housing like i was getting ready to relocate. seeing sights like you have posted, would definitely make me think about wanting to relocate. the local people in these areas must feel grateful being in beauty like they live in. there are so many parts of our world that are sheer beauty.....take care and get back to videoing.....lol
Comment from : Todd Bushcrafter

Michael Normann Borgersen
This is so awesome to see, i did 11 days in those mountains this summer. I did not get all the great places on the back roads because off the caravan i had to bring with me. But now am going too change out the caravan for a roof tent. so next year i hoping to see more of those great places. Best wishes for you and your wife =)
Comment from : Michael Normann Borgersen

Simon Martin
Loving the videos Mike & Meg! If you get a spare 50 mins a new some wifi check out these Ozzy fellas, youtu.be/uEW-xuBumcY
Comment from : Simon Martin

Comment from : joohop

Todd Buckner
Love watching your journeys.
Comment from : Todd Buckner

Tom Murphy
loving the shows
, and good luck you two!!

Comment from : Tom Murphy

Wonderful decision, all the best for your new life together in Sweden!
Comment from : ThelifeoftheTrueBROS

Wow! I had no idea you'd sold everything for this trip/change of life!
hats off to you both !!

Comment from : Slack

some blackout material sewn into the tent might solve the darkness issue..
Comment from : Slack

Comment from : Charlie1984

This has been an amazing journey to watch. Thanks so much for bringing us along and sharing this time in your life. I look forward to seeing where your path leads, and the many adventures you have ahead of you.
Comment from : timberdogz

Jack Chapman
My daughter and her husband will be leaving for Norway in two weeks! I directed them to watch your videos for insight to what can be expected in that beautiful country!
Comment from : Jack Chapman

My god! Massive respect to you both for doing this. An already wonderful series gets even more wonderful. Makes me wonder what I'm doing with my life. Best wishes.
Comment from : xxerox

The Tinkerist
Epic! I love Norway. Isn’t just beautiful. Isn’t it just beautiful! times much
Comment from : The Tinkerist

Roger Hensler
I'm really enjoying this series! When it is complete I'm going to watch it again straight through like one long film. I love the views and camera work as well. Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Roger Hensler

Ron Brewer
Hello Mike thanks for another great video, one question, you mentioned Autogas (fillable bottle). Whats availability like over there, I ask because I run my Disco V8 on it. Once again thanks to you & Meg safe journey.
Comment from : Ron Brewer

Sami Perälä
Aaah, sweden my favourite kaliphate. Good luck
Comment from : Sami Perälä

Russell Lewis
Another fantastic video.
Comment from : Russell Lewis

Guus Lucassen
All I can say is Thank you Michael and Megg!
I've been absolutely astounded by your journey and your beautiful videos. Though I'm only 18 years old my self, I don't think it will take a long time for me to step into your footsteps and let everything go to move to a country like Norway. Of course I hope to find a lady who is wanting to take on this adventure together, but she has yet to come into my life. Being a passionate hunter and outdoorsman I truly believe that it is best for me to live the way I am closest to nature, even though it is very difficult to leave the people that you know and love.
I'll say thank you once more and I hope we meet someday.
Yours sincerely,

Comment from : Guus Lucassen

Ryan Bennett
F'kin cool man! Well played! Pretty please share whatever you choose to do! You guys would make a crazy homestead. (Nice truck too... O_O)
Comment from : Ryan Bennett

Paul Cairns
Great video (again) guys!
Mike, the chap that bought you the 'strongest beer in the world' was incorrect...this is the strongest beer - www.drinksupermarket.com/brewmeister-snake-venom-330ml-bottle

Comment from : Paul Cairns

Sam Johnson
Great job all the video looks great
Comment from : Sam Johnson

Charles Tate
Living in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the U.S.,it gets very hot in the summertime, June through September. (95-105) degrees farenheit. Of couarse we see a lot of mosquitos,, but I didn't think that they would get so bad that far north. I watched your videos for a few years now and they're like reading some great small novels, and I've I've learned a lot from them. Close to 40 years ago I came down here to New Orleans on a weekend leave from the military and met a young Cajun girl,and married her.( "she fed me good and got me drunk"). And originally being from the Appalachian mountains ( Smoky mountains) in eastern United States. I miss the mountains and country sides, a little similar the ones ya'll are traveling in. Watching your videos , send into a good trance of dreams of what I've always like doing in getting away from the hectic life of the cities and getting back into nature. My wife and have always liked camping in tents, but now we're getting older we bought us a travel trailer (RV), and we travel more in it to get away from the fast life. Keep your videos coming on all your travels my way, I love em. And I hope the best for you and wife on all your future travels.
Comment from : Charles Tate

L'appel de la nature
8:17 I thought I heard "and the occasionnal expanse on furries" - I lost it
Comment from : L'appel de la nature

Really great series so far dude. I moved to Sweden from the UK 6 years ago. For the exact same reasons and you won’t regret it. It’s truely remarkable place. If you bob past the central provinces of Dalarna or Gävleborg let me know via PM.
All the best dude and dudette.

Comment from : NordicBritPrepper

Rough Timba
Amazing Mike how I watched you in your early days to how your life has progressed now. You two are going to have a fabulous life together, and I look forward to seeing more of it. Hopefully me and my family will be joining you in Sweden in the future ,
... All the best mcq's

Comment from : Rough Timba

Comment from : shewolf

Just watched parts 1-4 back to back. Very enjoyable series. I wish you both the very best on your new lives over there.
Comment from : Swipe650

Wild and Survival Restricted
Another Norway video ! :) Hope you had a great stay !
Comment from : Wild and Survival Restricted

Watched this twice now. Absolutey stunning scenery and what a pleasure to live..via your channel
..vicariously through your experiences 😀.

Be careful of Sweden though if you go to the cities. Lots of no go zones due to unchecked immigration policies, that are now biting them and the local populace in those areas in the ass. Even police and paramedics wont go there often hence 'Sweden...no go zones'.

You guys should be be fne though because like me and many of your viewers..I fkn can't be near cities
..unless just passing by...just breath...and pass it by 🤣

Comment from : EarlyMist

Keynote Bushcraft
Hey Mike, if you want to live somewhere and be much a part of the wilderness. You might look into Newfoundland, Canada. It is a hidden gem that is a bushcraft heaven. The terrain is much like Norway, no restrictions on camping, no poisonous bugs or grizzly to worry about. Biggest threat is moose in rutting season, coyotes and black bears. It blows my mind how this place is not overrun with tourism but I cherish the fact that you can find secluded places to enjoy almost everywhere you go. I can tell you more and show some pictures if you are interested.
Comment from : Keynote Bushcraft

Bryan Wilson
Unbelievable locations, Mike! The views are stunning.
Comment from : Bryan Wilson

Timur Hafouz
Hi guys. Thank's again for another fantastic video. Such breathtaking footage. Wishing you all the best in your new life in Sweden. Hopefully once settled you get back to making some of your old style video's. Can't wait for the next one.
Comment from : Timur Hafouz

Ken Bone
Loving your trip, came to find by chance, have watched all of your vlogs, my daughters and I want to do an epic trip into Sweden and Norway, I really hope you find your dream.
Comment from : Ken Bone

Russell Detwiler
Truly a trip of a lifetime. You are doing what I always wanted to do, but never had the chance. I really am enjoying following you two on your adventures.
Comment from : Russell Detwiler

Nikolaou Georgios
Nice pictures, thanks for sharing with us. Here I need to add a comment/request: No more hunting in your channel??? It is nice to be in nature, but if you cannot live out of the local resources then you are just a visitor passing from the area.
Comment from : Nikolaou Georgios

Awesome as always :D
Comment from : Knightcommander

awesome story guys im loving watching you guys live the dream we all want
Comment from : MartTheMadScientist

Cherokee44 Oklahoma
Surprise ending ! An exciting future awaits you. I think you are doing the right thing in the right place. I understand .
Comment from : Cherokee44 Oklahoma

Dutch Courage
Quite the plot twist there, turning from a holiday road trip, into somewhat of a wilderness expedition, into a romantic love story of two freed love birds on a quest to find a place to nest. And where i can be silly and somewhat sarcastic at times, this ending sort of hits 'the feels' as it appeals to the romantic in me … and it feels like somewhat of an honor that you would take us along for that ride tbh … for which i am very glad (not so much for your quest, which is obviously yours to undertake; and i have hopes you will succeed, but) seeing the shared footage is absolutely stunning … what i will say though, is that i find it weird that you would run out of leather, well not so much running out, but surely there are places in Norway where you would be able to get excellent deer leather to continue your crafting ? As well as some post office somewhere en route in Sweden where you can have supplies delivered...
Comment from : Dutch Courage

Amazingly blessed! You both know how to live/love. You seem like you’ve got life figured out. Wish I could hangout with you for a day. I always look forward to your video Its like watching a mini movie! Wishing you both Safe travels back home.
Comment from : TOMKATT

Another amazing video! I truly enjoy following along on your journey... beautiful scenery the whole way!
Comment from : TrailRecon

Bushman 412
In Norway and you didn't stop at my place? LOL well if you on your way back pass through Jotunheimen, then come and look me up in Valdres giv me a pm and i will give you the details
Comment from : Bushman 412

Shaun Mccaw
Keep up the good work wish it was me
Comment from : Shaun Mccaw

So so proud of you brother. You keep living that dream I won’t be far behind you mate. Watching this just only reinforces what I want for me and my family.

Comment from : lbcustomknives

Thanks for another amazing video. looking forward to more.
Comment from : Trooper2221

Zak Matten
Wishing you all the best in your search
Comment from : Zak Matten

Papa Jeff
Michael McQuilton, well done! I am true fan. Through your videos, I have watched you grow into manhood, expanding your knowledge and experience from a hobby to a mature profession. You gently introduced us to Sweet Megan, your helpmate. We have seen her go from a quiet bystander, at your side, to a hard working supportive wife, carrying more than her share. Your articulate, professional, classes have been a breath of fresh air. Thank you.
Oh, I had a big, white horse skull, wired onto the wench bumper of my dad’s Jeep truck. The truck’s name was Von-Doom, after a campfire story...When I was 16 years old. 😊

Comment from : Papa Jeff

Ronnie Åhman
Really nice video and quite surprised that you are seriously thinking to move to Sweden from the UK and I don't mean it in a bad way. Sweden is a beautiful country. I hope you are going to find a spot to settle down. Norway is amazing. Thanks for sharing your new life with us.
Comment from : Ronnie Åhman

Henry Williams
Truly heartwarming and inspiring what you guys are doing and documenting. I love seeing you two in your element, just living the dream and having fun. And in quite a different light to your typical videos too. You and meg are so suited for each other. You're a funny bloke when you are around her too, you should try put more of that side of yourself in your other videos. Cheers so far for the awesome content, these videos invigorate my sense of travel and adventure. I hope all the best with your travels , and all the best of luck with the future. Keep on keeping on.
Comment from : Henry Williams

Excellent stuff. Scotland not suitable as a new home? Slovakia, much cheaper.
Comment from : S

James Ellsworth
BREXIT has a whole new meaning. Well, a good many Americans dream of emigrating to Canada from time to time.
Comment from : James Ellsworth

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