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Joe Robinet
The full epic series starts in 1 week, next Friday.
Hope you all enjoy!

Comment from : Joe Robinet

john smith
Ya know, i just realized I’ve been in a place where I needed some of your videos. You’re a good man.
Comment from : john smith

Dean Winchester
Ok, so my phone has been messing up. I literally just got this after a watched all of the series. I seriously need a new phone!
Comment from : Dean Winchester

Katie Rae
$26 bucks for a goddamn children's book. Joey scammz
Comment from : Katie Rae

Katie Rae
I really hope we get a chance for our paths to cross Joe. Really I can not wait
Comment from : Katie Rae

Katie Rae
Wow so ur in a scam in scouts name now eh Joe.
Comment from : Katie Rae

M L.
I tried spelling it sKoaugHt. Coupon code didn't work.
Comment from : M L.

At first I wasn't a fan. To see how you share your life is actually quite remarkable. I'm so sorry about Scout. I've had dogs my whole life it's never easy to let them go. Scout won me over. I am now a fan . Lol . Let us know if you're ever on the East Coast. Island island canoeing catching fish, camping. The only difference it will be on the Atlantic Ocean. The beautiful Bay of Fundy. Thank you for the great videos.
Comment from : mottom

Hey Joe, sorry to hear about Scout's passing. Wishing you and the family the best from Vancouver!
Comment from : N M

Jake Lawrence
What is he talking about
Comment from : Jake Lawrence

Gio Stana
Hi @JoeRobinet, hi all, great video buddy. Quick question please, what folding chair are you using? I could not fully understand what products din you used in the past and what are you using now. Could you, please, share a link or the name of the chairs? All the best from Romania.
Comment from : Gio Stana

Dr K.
Joe, i just lost my dog, diabetes type 1 those complications. My heart is torn apart, pain i never knew
Comment from : Dr K.

There s a guy you’ve got to watch called outdoors meGee if you wanna laugh and you wanna watch some one hoo is really a funny Bushcrafter watch this guy you will regret it if you don’t Watch him outdoors meGee
Comment from : V0460

Denis O'Brien
But...where is the dog?
Comment from : Denis O'Brien

I may have missed it in the video, but does anyone know what bag and chair he uses??
Comment from : LostBoysMotorsports

H Pistole
Lol puts bag on
Voice gets deeper

Comment from : H Pistole

Jonas Grønbek
What does he refer to at 3:07 when he says he needs to?
Comment from : Jonas Grønbek

Large Marge
As I watched the food explanation starting around 30:00 I wondered about fats and oils.

Butter, ghee. Coconut oil. Olive oil. Pelagics. BACON.

Comment from : Large Marge

King David
I was worried for you, until I saw yer toilet paper!
Comment from : King David

Brian N
Can the lunch meat go bad?
Comment from : Brian N

King David
A spatula? That's cheating!!
Comment from : King David

Kevin Hanson
Tried to order, unfortunately they do not ship to military address overseas
Comment from : Kevin Hanson

Keith Hernandez
This guy has no shame. Using his dead dog to sell as much merch as possible, knowing his viewer base are mostly gullible generous people
Comment from : Keith Hernandez

CoWboyS FaN
I’m glad there is no black flies in Nevada cuz I freakin hate mosquitoes and it sounds like those are worse. Good luck with the book and your health!
Comment from : CoWboyS FaN

Roddie Macleod
It's classed as international even for Canada to get the book? That's over 50 bucks man.

Edit that's for the book and posting.

Comment from : Roddie Macleod

Southern Wanderer
That book is a great tribute to Scout.
Comment from : Southern Wanderer

Six Wings
$26 for 32 page kids book? Christ.
Comment from : Six Wings

Jean-Louis Bourgeois
Comment from : Jean-Louis Bourgeois

Kilroy girl
Congratulations on the book Joe! ❤🐾🐾❤
Comment from : Kilroy girl

Brandon Lane
Awesome joe can't wait to see the series 😃
Comment from : Brandon Lane

Brandon Lane
I always thought your waterproof bag was orange haha nope use to be red 🤣
Comment from : Brandon Lane

Joe I'd love to buy a couple copies of the book, but they're asking for $26 in shipping to get it to Ottawa. Are you by chance going to be doing another run of these from a different publisher?
Comment from : dislexicllama

You baby daughter is so cute and growing like a weed.

Love the book. I have a 3 year old grand nephew who would love this book. Let me know how to order it.

Comment from : pennyswings

Great instructional video on how to pack for a seven day trip. I hope you have a great time. Good luck fishing and chilling with Kyle. Hope your procedure turns out well.👍
Not to change the subject, BUT....... WHERE IS TRIPPER. He is such a beautiful and smart dog. Haven’t seen him since the time you took him on the canoe trip. Please let us know.🐾🐾

Comment from : pennyswings

ycidro cisneros
U are so cool
Comment from : ycidro cisneros

wtg, Joe. I like what you're doing. And the Scout book is a genius idea. Really nice :)
Comment from : BlueSunset

what orange bag is that?
Comment from : jacksoned13

Dennis K
Hey Joe! Can I buy this book with your autograph?
Comment from : Dennis K

Scout looking down like "dayuum authors all over me boieeee"
Comment from : Garnansoa

I’m glad you published the book. Just ordered my copy. I look forward to reading this to my Beaver Scouts Colony.
Shipping costs to B.C. 😳 same as cost of the book

Comment from : danhuhaw2

Kurt Mathieson
Hey Joe! I've been watching you for years now and love every bit of your content. I was wondering if you would ever entertain a long trip (1 week or more) where you hunt for some game as well as fish? I think it would be great if you maybe took a hunting survival trip with someone like @myselfreliance Shawn who could be a great resources!
Comment from : Kurt Mathieson

Canadian Prepper
Very cool, I will definitely be buying one, good job Joe!
Comment from : Canadian Prepper

I'm going to buy this for when I have kids and have them pass it on.
Comment from : Chop

Oregon Mike H
Now this was an outstanding load out Joe. Helpful and always interesting to me. You did a really great job on this and I Thank YA! As always, Blessings from Oregon! .... Mike
Comment from : Oregon Mike H

Stop making me cry. I'm A fully grown man ffs.
Comment from : vortek

Not relevant to the book but anyone else think Joe should go camping with Matthew Posa?
Comment from : ziploxian

Looking to get a waterproof backpack myself. What bag is yours?
Comment from : TB

Julie Maddux
Hope you did okay on your trip with Kyle. Can't wait to see it. Love the book! Take care.
Comment from : Julie Maddux

Sebastian wh%px2
I've seen a channel stealing your videos and material how do you report these ppl?
Comment from : Sebastian wh%px2

Michael Stewart
We’re getting close to the video day!!! Yeah!!!
Comment from : Michael Stewart

Del Thomson
Comment from : Del Thomson

Chester Copperpot
He looks just like the pop singer Limahl.
Comment from : Chester Copperpot

You're welcome!

Comment from : VVill

Dylan Pitcock
And be 20 bucks OK I hope so I got enough money with that so why are you hello I get it so you just asked me on a YouTube account does this do on your boards broad’s on her YouTube boards and I love her scalp very good and you spell so cool no one because his daughter who what your your dog training really so good my dog night so hope so your dogs don’t get lost in the woods all the time so bye I’ll see you on YouTube all the time now I will scrub you all the time
Comment from : Dylan Pitcock

Dylan Pitcock
What it costs 10,000 I don’t want that about 1021 I don’t got enough money if I will about $5.05 dollars or not yet
Comment from : Dylan Pitcock

Dylan Pitcock
I wanna but I will have my buttons to give me at now because I want it I want your book please and I love you I want to try or two and I watch the trailer and check your campus off too I love it however dogs who so bye is he resign get it is Sia and pick up Rose go there and
Comment from : Dylan Pitcock

craig kirby
Love your videos, and good luck with the trip. If you wind when your drag is clicking, your line will twist. Always either let the fish run against the drag, or do the "pull the rod up and then wind on the way down to maintain the tension" thing. It will save you a lot of twist in your line. Also to untwist your line, take off your lure, and let out all you line behind your canoe for a minute (you'll be amazed at how much bend that will put on your rod from just line friction) Then just real it in, and your line will be twist free again.
Comment from : craig kirby

Tony Lewis
Good luck with your procedure, Joe. I really hope you're back to doing what you love as soon as possible. Speedy recovery <3
Comment from : Tony Lewis

Angel Lee TV 2
cant wait to see this and I'm praying for you Joe that you stay in good health
Comment from : Angel Lee TV 2

Sabine Katsavrias
Your girls are awesome . Off the charts cuteness:) Rip Scout. Good luck with the book!
Comment from : Sabine Katsavrias

Jennifer Andrew
Only difference in my own packing system is that my Possibles Pouch and snacks go on top of the pack. My possibles Pouch holds my asthma inhaler, and first aid stuff, so it needs to be easily accessible. (My hiking partners always know where the inhaler is, just in case.)
Comment from : Jennifer Andrew

Filthy McNasty
I've been thinking about doing some canoeing/bushcrafting ? I'm just curious what your bag with all your gear weighs. I've never really done canoeing/bushcrafting after watching this video I don't think I could walk more than a block or two. Where do I start ? All your videos are very motivating and inspiring, but at the same time kind of discouraging. Thank you for all your hard work.
Comment from : Filthy McNasty

AWESOME way to memorialize scout ... and and excellent way to help woods proof the kids as well ... I think Scout would approve with out a doubt ....
Comment from : 0623kaboom

Kevin Rowe
Hey Joe, i feel like you could really increase your chances of catching a walleye if you bring along a drop shot rig. super effective tactic with soft plastic leeches or worms. Hope you can slay em either way, have a great trip looking forward to the content
Comment from : Kevin Rowe

Joe:What do you think tasty?


Comment from : Fat_Pat

J the Vegan
Such a great way to memorialize Scout and your lessons!!
Comment from : J the Vegan

Who dislikes this?? all the love for Scout and his family
Comment from : P2SMOKE

Malte T.
joe you have such a bent back, you should do something about your posture brother
Comment from : Malte T.

I love your videos set in the boreal forests of Canada. Ever thought of doing different camping/survival in different climate zones(I know you don't have them in Canada)? Maybe Deciduos forests like Most of Europe of Southeastern North America, or even a jungle perhaps(Be it Africa, Central/South America, SEA or whereever)
Comment from : Goriaas

peli nappula
Welcome To Finland !!!
Comment from : peli nappula

Matt Raven
Video was boring as hell 😴
Comment from : Matt Raven

Mary Kate Hilton
Joe, this is just amazing. I'm a huge advocate of kids reading, and a huge book lover myself. I grew up in a bookstore as my mom owed a children's bookstore and this is exactly the kind of book we would have loved to stock!

As soon as I'm able, I'll be purchasing this book. And I know that Scout is so happy and proud of you!

Comment from : Mary Kate Hilton

Robert Smith
Instead of all the "plastic" bags that probably need to be packed out as trash you should use the fish crisp in a brown paper bag. Then you can just burn it afterwards and don't have to pack out. Not that it weighs anything really but for one time use it make sense to burn it and not have to carry around a fish smell or burn plastic. Just a thought!!
Comment from : Robert Smith

Have a safe trip and have fun, Andreas 🇸🇪
Comment from : Offgrid.se

Brigitte Rougier
You can do it. We know you can. I'm planning a little camping trip myself next month. I can't wait to see your video. Have fun and be safe.
Comment from : Brigitte Rougier

Carley van Tatenhove
Good luck Joe;
enjoy your trip!

Comment from : Carley van Tatenhove

Chris Bennett
Verry nice I think that's one of the best things I have seen on YouTube for a wile it actually means something scout will defo be proud
Comment from : Chris Bennett

Amero Family
My wife and I are traveling and I'm driving right by your area/ post office. How cool would it be if I seen you getting our fan mail that we send :))!!!
Comment from : Amero Family

Vin DiVergilio
Joe, i know this has nothing to do with the video, but are you guys anywhere near the fires and if so. Are yas ok?
Comment from : Vin DiVergilio

Kneily Kie
Ive got a tear in my eye .. this so amazing .. love the idea an my kids will all have a copy ❤
Comment from : Kneily Kie

Alan Spivey
Joe and Kyle!!! Old Times! Please Joe, don't almost kill yourself by drowning!
Comment from : Alan Spivey

Anita Beaulieu
I should have known you would reach your limit real fast but I still tried... I have no littles myself anymore but would love to have bought the book to share with the ones I do watch as part of my keep ya educated pack. I will of course purchase eventually.... currently watching your vid on tv. Love your vids.... started watching about a month ago and first thing I decide to check on when home after a weekend of childcare is see if you had any new uploads!!! <3
Comment from : Anita Beaulieu

Shang Yu
已下訂,買給小孩看 Just ordered, bought it for my kids to read
Comment from : Shang Yu

Albert Ulloa
You go joe!
Comment from : Albert Ulloa

Randy with ofapt
Thanks Joe, enjoyed it as usual but particularly this video. I've just recently begun exploring the art of dehydrating food so this gave good insight. Good luck on the trip.
Comment from : Randy with ofapt

Debbie cross
Hope the trip went well and you had a great time! I also hope your body surprised you in a good way and made the trip more enjoyable. Can’t wait for the upcoming epic adventure video or two!😉
Comment from : Debbie cross

Rona Najera Channel
Comment from : Rona Najera Channel

Rona Najera Channel
I'm watching your videos almost a year...I think or more than a year. PHILIPPINES, BOHOL,,, RONA
Comment from : Rona Najera Channel

Rona Najera Channel
I really love what u Blogg, u are real, true to yourself, your son is cute before his in tummy. I am big Fans of your subscriber from Philippines Bohol, Rona,
Comment from : Rona Najera Channel

real knowledge
Scout would be proud, have fun out there joe. Be safe and live free!
Comment from : real knowledge

jason goodrich
that is really cool about the Scout book God bless you
Comment from : jason goodrich

The Pioneer Channel
My gf is gonna buy one of them books 👌
Comment from : The Pioneer Channel

Richard Davis
With no vids of Tripper I'm wondering if you are keeping him?
Comment from : Richard Davis

Curtis Rodrigue
Hey Joe, have you ever ran into any fans of yours during a camping trip in one of our provincial parks?
Comment from : Curtis Rodrigue

Jan Ehrhart
You're very cold man cute kids I miss scout I just had to put my dog down and it sucks
Comment from : Jan Ehrhart

RIP scout
Comment from : jpe2ny

Excited to see the new vids Joe.
Comment from : TFETTER

Gregory Hare
Brother i believe that you have just what you need with you and good luck and keep cool i like to see all the video's you are going to up out piece
Comment from : Gregory Hare

AL Adventure
Comment from : AL Adventure

What a great idea. Best of luck with the book
Comment from : vwbeetleb0b

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