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Alex Reid
As a travel vlog sorta thing I totally get that this is probably very helpful for some. However, as someone who has followed your bushcraft content from near the get go you are beginning to lose my interest. I will still check all of your videos of course in the hope that we see more bushcraft in the future and for now I hope your new audience benefits from your traveling insights.
Comment from : Alex Reid

Rolfus Troli
great dokumentery.. Im from norway and looking to get a roof tent, and then I came across your vids... love it... Thanks...
Comment from : Rolfus Troli

Oh the humor, complains about the knot. And yet! Camps in the middel of the woods where they are in massive amounts. Also a friendly tip regarding the bugs, get Auraxs or myggmelk! Keeps them away
Comment from : TheBackan

michael hamer
yes megan..sheep jaw ...lol
Comment from : michael hamer

Aditya Ali
Does your car run on Gasoline or Diesel? I think that's one of the most gasoline thirsty car, how could u refuel in such remote area? How many miles per gallon or liter oer kilometer does it cover?
Comment from : Aditya Ali

I'd like to know more about how it all started i.e. the decision to move to North Sweden and where you were initially etc - perhaps maybe in a video while brewing coffee and doing a narrative? Doesn't have to be too long but covering all the elements. I find moving such a big decision and am curious about the start and journey to where you are now.
Comment from : G P

Wilderness Field Journal
I'm with you Mike, not digging the jaw bones. It's not that I am against the idea, I just dont like the way they look on your sweet jeep. This was an awesome episode, the scenery was amazing! And it looks like you got to do some exciting off roading. I'm loving this series man.
Comment from : Wilderness Field Journal

Anyone else go and watch 1 pound fish after this? LOL
Comment from : kingneddy

Gene Shimandle
As far as the adornment to your well-cared for SUV, the mandibles were a great find. Not my taste, but having a happy bride for 39 years, I have learned when she is happy, I am as well. Love the videos - can't wait to see more. fox8.com/2017/11/23/heart-transplant-recipient-runs-turkey-trot-meets-donors-family/
Comment from : Gene Shimandle

Traky boy
Looks good to me on the grill ...
Comment from : Traky boy

Traky boy
Definitely " Yes "
Comment from : Traky boy

Jake Osborn
gotta side with your husband on the sheep jaw question
Comment from : Jake Osborn

11:03 Definitely the jawbone on the grille, just a bigger one - or maybe even a Musk Ox skull !!! P.S: Good avoidance of conflict with shifting the focus to: "Look at this milk" btw ;)
Comment from : rafanellys

Another awesome video, Mike...keep the bones, wives are good at telling you when you are wrong..lol
Comment from : 051biohaz

Christian Mahieu
Comment from : Christian Mahieu

Eko Santai
Great vids
Comment from : Eko Santai

Jaw bones, not on a right proper British vehicle, sometimes relationships are about compromise, you have to pick your battles.
Comment from : chiphungerford

"The slower you walk the more you see". Love that. Thanks for sharing.
Comment from : crazyhorsejohnny1974

Deep South New Zealand
you guys would love NZ
Comment from : Deep South New Zealand

R Jonzun
I just recently found your channel and I love the bushcraft videos and the travel videos. Quality stuff.
Comment from : R Jonzun

Mike, despite the complaint you've made recently about not having the best video gear and the like, the quality of your videos are superb and very much appreciated. They inspire and show great creativity.
Comment from : Tinch

Happy Wife means Happy Life......I vote NAH!!!! LOL
Comment from : Tinch

Adam dale
Thumbs up for the jaw bones 😃
Comment from : Adam dale

arthur rodarte
I’m with meg It adds a interesting look to the ride haha
Comment from : arthur rodarte

Jaw bones ,,ha ha ,,defo not...great trip guys.
Comment from : 308PREDATOR

Chris DW
I hope the Norway National Tourism Board is sponsoring this content. I'm a click away from booking a trip now - thx for that.

Also, keep the jaw bones but only if you move them over the headlights - like eyebrows. 😉

Comment from : Chris DW

Chris Rea
Tacky!! Sorry Megan dont agree with you and I am a Hunter!
Comment from : Chris Rea

Thibault Arnould
+1 for the sheepjaw trophy
Comment from : Thibault Arnould

Fantastic series! Mike and Meg, I consider your stuff right up there with Ray Mears! Keep up the great work. I never knew Jeep made a diesel. Please make a video on that beast!
Comment from : Jay

Greg Penny
My wife and I love your bushcraft Video's with you teaching us skills, but your travels are just as exciting, some of us half a world away will never get to see in person.
Comment from : Greg Penny

Absolutely fantastic series. Loving it. Raw nature at its best which is something the UK just cannot offer, not even Scotland, there's always cars or people wherever you go and I hate that. Norway scares me lol, I have an LDV Convoy and like you said it's where wallets go to die which was hilarious. North Sweden is mine and my daughters goal, however, I don't see how we could ever make it work, we have money to get there but then it would be mostly gone and it's expensive in Sweden too but the landscape etc is to die for. Never been but I know it would make me feel very emotional and probably bring tears to my eyes (not ashamed to say that). Sweden seems like the perfect place to live at one with nature as well as escaping signs of human life. I know you don't know me for toffee but I'd love to chat with you both in Sweden if we are able to come but more importantly stay (yes you're a human but it's fine because you're on the same page as we are). Brexit is an issue, the pressure is on to decide what to do.

Will you return to the UK to mot your Jeep or are you hoping to get it registered in Sweden to make life easier, or sell it and start over?

Comment from : chilliman07

Jaw bones on the grill.......not a good look at all....how about extra night lights and a bull bar !?
Comment from : VAN SOLO

Ron Brewer
Not sure about the jawbones Mike but, you can't win. Just surrender you know you must eventually.
Comment from : Ron Brewer

Derek K
I like your Cherokee. Its not overdone with LED light bars and such. Very simple and practical.
Comment from : Derek K

Since you're up in the mountains alot during this trip do you ever find some crystals like quartz, amethyst and such? Or maybe you're not interested in that kind of stuff? :)
Comment from : Lfomod

Yeah the jaw should stay 👍
Comment from : otowise

Hello its axel Eriksson from Lycksele, not sure if you guys remember me from Åsele marknaden. I was Working in the crew, just wanted to say that i love your videos <3 hopp you comeback to Åsele next year.
Comment from : Zenuzh1z1

Hey Mike! Would you be interested in making some videos for foraging wild edibles during autumn as well as winter? I find your videos for spring and summer to be one of the best but I am curious as to how to go about during those 2 periods of the year! Keep up the amazing work, cheers!
Comment from : William

KennyG Hansen
the jaw bones look like angel wings to me :-) ( hilsen the Big red Ford Excursion in Larvik)
Comment from : KennyG Hansen

Sperrin Outdoors
Great adventure fantastic
Comment from : Sperrin Outdoors

Flat Broke Frank
wow that scenery makes it all worth while - ATB
Comment from : Flat Broke Frank

Andy Duff
Loving the latest instalment, thanks for keeping at it, it would be much easier to just not bother with the distance and driving off shots that make the videos better than loads of others.
As for jaw bones... Sorry Meg but no, just no. 🙂

Comment from : Andy Duff

Just caught up to this episode, really enjoyed following your journey, I understand the comments made about lack of Bush craft, but it's good to diversify, keep up the good work and enjoy the rest of the trip.
Comment from : Stromin

Keep up the great videos! This looks like an awesome trip. I didn't know you were married to Zooey Deschanel.
Comment from : KCKaups

Vas Blackwood
Get those Bones up. Meg knows Best.
Comment from : Vas Blackwood

June Deakin
You have a wonderful way of telling a story, really enjoy your videos
Comment from : June Deakin

My knees got weak when I saw you on the boulder...
Comment from : Donnoha

Ok, I got slightly teary-eyed around the 5:25 mark when you share your absolute devotion to & admiration of nature. It has been a pleasure to watch you two and always look forward to the next episode. Safest of travels!
Comment from : April

Tim Iredale
Ahhh it made me feel sick seeing the photo of you on the boulder... I went up crib goch the other month and that was bad enough. I don't think i would be up for standing on the boulder lol. Great episode. Cheers Tim.
Comment from : Tim Iredale

Scott Roberts
Wowee ... amazing scenes, stunning vistas ,love  the close ups of flora and fauna, not so sure you sheep parts adorning the Jeep though.. Sorry Meg.
Comment from : Scott Roberts

Michael Poulin
Yes on the Jaw bone. Unless you can find a set long steer horns?
Comment from : Michael Poulin

That was so peaceful.
Comment from : itsjustafaez

Shelley Raskin
What a beautiful country!
Comment from : Shelley Raskin

Good Onya Both

Here's A Little Trick - Make Tea - Chew The Leave's - Burn The Leave's Of The Bay Tree

Them Flying Insect's Hate The Smell Of It Put Them In Your Food As Well Because When It Comes Out In Your Sweat They Dont Like It

WTF Is The £1 Fish Song ? Keep Them Thar Jaw Bones !

WoW I Love Them Boulder Shots HA HA HA HAAAA

Brilliant View @ The EnD !

Comment from : joohop

Channel Balders
Take it from me Mike. You always need a few Brownie points in the bag so leave the Jaw bones. Nice one Meg!
Comment from : Channel Balders

comfy viewing
Comment from : G B

Nik K.
Hey Mates..nice Serie!
Its a fanststic Trip!
I Love Norway..

where did you find the green lane? Do you have any tips?

Comment from : Nik K.

Tactical Castle
Yes on the Jawbone Grill ornaments! :-P do it for your lady!
Comment from : Tactical Castle

No jawbones, sorry, Meg.
Comment from : metimoteo

Red Bear Preparedness
Keep the bones!!
Comment from : Red Bear Preparedness

Gary Brown
Leave the jaws since you make her walk through the mud holes with the camera gear!
Comment from : Gary Brown

Put jaw bones together to make a smiley mouth . Now find some eyes 😊
Comment from : wonkeyleggs

raymond bailey
A bigfoot head on the bonnet now mike you be well sorted hahahahaha looks cool mike.
Comment from : raymond bailey

raymond bailey
Nice place check out these mossi suits Mike..... www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Anti-Mosquito-High-Density-Net-Yarn-Prevent-Insects-fr-Outdoor-Activities-Sports/273367958998?_trkparms=aid%3D555018%26algo%3DPL.SIM%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D52945%26meid%3D6af6ecc33609447c96592855749f2629%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D152569004382%26itm%3D273367958998&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
Comment from : raymond bailey

Amazing views! Great video!
Comment from : Jani

I’ve loved the series can’t want for the next one!! Don’t forget to to a video about your first aid kit! Excited for that :) I hope there’s many more episodes to come from this journey! Even if it’s a short 10 minute video we would be happy!
Comment from : MR.IRISH LAD

Bruce Clark
Jaw bones need to stay!!!man up and match your woman!love your channel and all your content!
Comment from : Bruce Clark

John Creen
Your journey is so amazing, great video great content , thank you both so much
Comment from : John Creen

Christopher Ellis
My advice
《Happy Wife: Happy Life》after all, you are together to learn from one another...

Comment from : Christopher Ellis

John Matthews
Did you consider getting a smokey fire going to get rid of the midges? Would that have helped?
Comment from : John Matthews

Terrence O'Brien
I enjoyed watching your travels. My fiance and I will be eloping and traveling through New York and Vermont in a few weeks. I'm so excited!
Comment from : Terrence O'Brien

bird eye works
Amazing trip, thanks for share
Comment from : bird eye works

The Artist Formally Known As Shitlord
Absolutely breath taking surroundings. I visited Iceland earlier this year and I have to say that the scenery in Norway easily rivals some of the scenery there. I've just added Norway to my bucket list. Thank you for the great video.
Comment from : The Artist Formally Known As Shitlord

Teemu Hakala
One definite YES for the jawnthlers! You could set up a front facing loudspeaker playing the Jaws theme...
Comment from : Teemu Hakala

Great videography and narration. Thanks for bringing us along. God bless.
Comment from : gibrigg

I feel empathy itches on poor Meg's behalf.
Comment from : ginaC53

Borehole Crick
I've subscribed to this channel years ago and I look now. I'm not subscribed. Why? I resubscribed. Mike"s content is second to none. The camera work and effort just blows me away.
Comment from : Borehole Crick

Ken Bone
Have missed you guys and sorry no bones on the rig🤗
Comment from : Ken Bone

Joff Talbot
No on the jaw bones :)
Comment from : Joff Talbot

mannen Dowesen
That mauntain is gaustadtoppen. it has an elevator inside all the way down . but it cost abaut 500 NOK to ride upp ore down. Sorry fore bad spelling ;)
Comment from : mannen Dowesen

Trev Nowlan
Glad all is going well, lovely video and can see you are feeling at home there, the antlers will have to stay...........especially if you are.
Comment from : Trev Nowlan

Scott Dunbar
Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your adventures with
us. Best to you and Meg.

Comment from : Scott Dunbar

ZooVet DownUnder
Agreed Mike, the jawbones look terrible...awesome trip tho! :)
Comment from : ZooVet DownUnder

Timur Hafouz
Wow i can't believe you guys are thinking to settle down in Sweden. I wish i could do that. Scandinavia probably has the most beautiful forest greenery in the world. My dad lived in Norway & Sweden about 35 years ago for about a 2 year period and after i showed him your video he said that those biting insects didn't exist back then. He couldn't believe that you had to sew extra mesh onto your camper windows to stop them coming through. He said that they used to sleep with all the windows open in summer. 😀😀
Comment from : Timur Hafouz

Eiji Ishikawa
Thanks for the great piece of work as always!
Comment from : Eiji Ishikawa

Sean Veldon
great film
Comment from : Sean Veldon

Richard Sanders
Not sure about the jawbones, but another great video guys. Looking forward to the next one.
Comment from : Richard Sanders

Pistachio Sloth
I'm with Meg, the jaw bones are very reflective of a natural exuberance. Love from Canada
Comment from : Pistachio Sloth

Great work
Comment from : JoeD

Dutch Courage
Tnx for sharing, Norway is pretty smack dang pretty … can also see why that 4x4 with roof tent is the way to go … also find it rather funny how i find out I share your interest in nature's details and scavenging/treasure-hunting, but somehow not for quad's or motor vehicles… to each some of their own i guess. On that note, i am also sorry to inform you that i'm on team Jawbone… cYas on the next one :)
Comment from : Dutch Courage

You can sell this series to rooftop tent vendors and Visit Norway. :) Great work, enjoy the rest of your trip!
Comment from : rukrul

DNA Deliverer
When me isn't looking hide those bones lol... really jealous of you two I was planning on doing the same as you but my plans fell through, can you add in your videos what plants and berries are edible there for this time of the year please??
Comment from : DNA Deliverer

Floris du Trottoir
Lovely videos you guys! Thank you
Comment from : Floris du Trottoir

Foundations to Enlightenment
Glad you guys are having an awesome time. I've learnt so much from you over the years and will always be grateful. I do feel now however that your channel has taken a completely different direction from the bushcraft days. I miss those sojourns in the woods. I think it's time to part company. All the best for the future. God speed to you.
Comment from : Foundations to Enlightenment

Gary Morse
Yes on your animal jaw bones
Comment from : Gary Morse

Bushcraft & Country Skills
Everything looks so much like over here in Switzerland only bigger. Those lakes a rivers are incredible, if I was there I would literally be fishing 24/7!
Comment from : Bushcraft & Country Skills

Manolis Emmanouilidis
Hello from Greece! Thanks for your amazing videos! You are great team! Take care and we’ll waiting to see you again!
Comment from : Manolis Emmanouilidis

Jaw bone - No, Furry dice -Absolutely.!
Just returned from Sweden myself and many people I met from Sweden said I had to visit Norway.
I feel the same with regards to the nature Sweden has to offer. I couldn't get enough of it and couldn't get the miles in because I had to keep stopping to take in the beauty.
Looking forward to the next video.

Comment from : Richie

Always a pleasure. You're doing in your videos what I can only hope to do in my retirement.
Comment from : jsaenzMusic

Cristina HutchinsonAdventures
brilliant video I defo agree with the jawbones they look awesome :)
Comment from : Cristina HutchinsonAdventures

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