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Good job Matt. I watched this video earlier on Airgun101. Airgun101 is so much better than the video restricting (democrat) Youtube people. Thanks to Giles for the Airgun101 site for airgunners and the like.
Comment from : James-M.

I need a gun like urs but too expensive 😭😭😭😭
Comment from : BLACKbeArd Tv

Troy Aciles
help me how to set the air gun without a regulator. cal 117
Comment from : Troy Aciles

Irfan TV
Nice shooting
Comment from : Irfan TV

Syed Atta Hussain
Love ❤❤ from pakistan
Comment from : Syed Atta Hussain

Heriberto Jose Alves
I'm very interested with your action can I get one of your weapons....thank You Bro👍🏻....
Comment from : Heriberto Jose Alves

Nelson David
Is it possible with .177
Comment from : Nelson David

Max Tickner
Oddly enough a lesson in 'nature' - identifying the prey
Comment from : Max Tickner

Dudy sniper Ktg
Gud ...folow my chanhel ..dudy sniper ktg..tngs
Comment from : Dudy sniper Ktg

Булат Ильясов
normalno razgovarivai pridurok
Comment from : Булат Ильясов

Булат Ильясов
Njrmalno razgovarivai pridurok
Comment from : Булат Ильясов

José wedson Silva dos santos Santos
Caracoles manda aí uma de presente C tá louco uai kkkkkkkk tem carcará lá no sítio matando Meu galinheiro sô os bicho é danado de prá de Mais sô só faltam levar nos de casa também
Comment from : José wedson Silva dos santos Santos

Muhammad Yaseen
what is the name of this gun
Comment from : Muhammad Yaseen

Денис Фридрих
Дохрена болаболиш
Comment from : Денис Фридрих

Eid Ali Ali
هذا اجرام انها تمزق
Comment from : Eid Ali Ali

Brett Humphries
Nice ricochets! Have you tried prepping your waterfowl "yakitori style" and grilling over hot natural charcoal to medium or so? One of the best bites of protein in my 60 years!
Comment from : Brett Humphries

Gilson Gil
Com uma munição dessa aí não aproveita nem as penas na casa judiação
Comment from : Gilson Gil

Mohamed Maklad
Why does the gun have a loud sound and reaction ?
Comment from : Mohamed Maklad

Craig Napoli
I love your work Matt.
Comment from : Craig Napoli

Juan Roche Galisteo
Caza sin control en un país invadido . Lo ke se caza se consume no es solo matar por matar . No estoy en contra de la casa pero estos intrusos lo destruyen todo
Comment from : Juan Roche Galisteo

Sniper Balangan
Comment from : Sniper Balangan

Lone star Outdoors
This is awesome man keep up the excellent work
Comment from : Lone star Outdoors

2 1/2 Acres
U need a 12G FX!!! Lol
Comment from : 2 1/2 Acres

Хадижа Гасратова
Hi, could you tell me where I can get the nozzle into the telescopic sight to shoot a video?
Comment from : Хадижа Гасратова

Asanga Chhakchhuak
You're using. 177 or .22??
Comment from : Asanga Chhakchhuak

Jasur Ashirov
Good FX 👍🇰🇬
Comment from : Jasur Ashirov

Riaz Ahmad
How much
Comment from : Riaz Ahmad

Irfan Ahmad
3birds/day..seemingly video comprises of one week.
Comment from : Irfan Ahmad

Haran Photography
Earth is not only for humans...😓
Comment from : Haran Photography

kam, Nagaland.
Matt, can the fx .177 take down a parking dear Or a boar ? Headshots!
Comment from : kam, Nagaland.

Săn bắt Chế tạo
Tuyệt vời
Comment from : Săn bắt Chế tạo

Max Rôney Farias
Muito bom amigo, saudações do Brasil 🇧🇷
Comment from : Max Rôney Farias

Carson Fleet
Do you mount those birds!???
Comment from : Carson Fleet

rasa banyak
Klw senapan nya harga brapa duit yah??
Comment from : rasa banyak

MrKansai1 teghe
Matt, please do more of the cooking the meat you take with airguns. This bird meat looked sooo tasty..
Comment from : MrKansai1 teghe

Türkcü Türkiye
Türkiye 🐺🇹🇷🌹🇦🇿🦅🏹
Comment from : Türkcü Türkiye

gilson sousa
Gosto muito desses vídeos,
Comment from : gilson sousa

Ren Wakai
How do you have a centerfire pellet gun if there is no primer on the pellet?🤔
Comment from : Ren Wakai

Jaden Garner
Waching you from Alaska
Comment from : Jaden Garner

lammy Boners
@9:04 prime missed joke. Should have said "much easier to target a sitting duck"
Comment from : lammy Boners

john hatcliffe
Shooting on water not good really with a cf
Comment from : john hatcliffe

Bima Sakti
Pengen bedilmu broo..arep tuku g kuat😣😣😣
Comment from : Bima Sakti

ابن البصرة الصياد وحب صيد الطيور
حلو الصيد
Comment from : ابن البصرة الصياد وحب صيد الطيور

Ceará snip 2018
Al perfeit perfeit show👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Comment from : Ceará snip 2018

Otávio Nasser
What rifle was that?
Comment from : Otávio Nasser

Eduardo Henrique
Pra que esse exagero de munição, o intuito é explodir a ave?
Comment from : Eduardo Henrique

seniper B Sumaaa
Comment from : seniper B Sumaaa

Abdulbayan Mohamad
I really like your toys bro...
Comment from : Abdulbayan Mohamad

Azad Adiyev
You good man
Comment from : Azad Adiyev

Fluffy Hamster
There is a Special Place In Hell For Murders Like You🖕👿
Comment from : Fluffy Hamster

Cain _
کاش زیرنویس فارسی داشت ویدئو هات
Comment from : Cain _

Azmat Ali
No more egg crack sound this time Matt!.Nice vid as always.Love from Pakistan.
Comment from : Azmat Ali

Taufik M.
i like chenel yuu i from indonesia🇮🇩🇲🇨
Comment from : Taufik M.

Kashmir Banay ka Pakistan pakistan zindabaad
Dear tell if may target set scope how much work range this set target 25 yard 45 yard or more I have scope 3'9'40 gamo
Comment from : Kashmir Banay ka Pakistan pakistan zindabaad

Latif Awan
Nice shot bro I like it
Pls gun name and cal?
I'm from Pakistan which one air gun for duck hunting and cal? Low price pls recommend me thanks

Comment from : Latif Awan

Săn Bắt Ẩm Thực
I would love to watch your videos. Wish you have lots of health offline!
Comment from : Săn Bắt Ẩm Thực

Wendi brayen
Comment from : Wendi brayen

don daku
Price how much
Comment from : don daku

H Phillips
Good video 👍. I know it's an air gun channel but I can't help but believe that a blind some decoys and a shotgun you could load the freezer up
Comment from : H Phillips

рома харлап
Вы все рекламирует а как купить. Или попробовать ведь в Белоруссии нет где взять.
Comment from : рома харлап

Warden Cobb
I dunno what the lingo is where you're from but instead of "dammed wall" you could call it a berm. I'm sure there's lots of different words for it all over the world. That word is commonly used in North America to describe exactly that structure. Anyhoo, a fun trivia fact for you at the very least.
Comment from : Warden Cobb

Barry Butler
Always excuses to kill animals you are the problem NOT THEM
Comment from : Barry Butler

Raja Mubashir
From 🇵🇰

Comment from : Raja Mubashir

Hi Matt, what the difference FX Impact X with FX Impact MK II?
Comment from : deddysudiyono

Đức Hoàng Xuân
Comment from : Đức Hoàng Xuân

Jake Stockett
What suppressor?
Comment from : Jake Stockett

adi hunter
Dont forget to suport me in my chanel..🙏😀
Comment from : adi hunter

Comment from : AL-FAJAR FC.

NCB Vlogs
Comment from : NCB Vlogs

https;//www.youtube Thanh nguyennguyenst01.com
Tuyệt 👍👍
Comment from : https;//www.youtube Thanh nguyennguyenst01.com

Sniper Amatir Sumatra
Good job...
Comment from : Sniper Amatir Sumatra

Mevr Mevr
Comment from : Mevr Mevr

Bao Hoang
I like hunting SA
Comment from : Bao Hoang

Ali Mumtaz
Which air gun are you useing...?
Comment from : Ali Mumtaz

Gustavo Alfonso Rochel Quintero
Greetings from Colombia ... I am a faithful follower of your page ... I like hunting too ... I want to ask what kind of rifle and ammunition you use in this video ... it's not a PCP ... Thank you
Comment from : Gustavo Alfonso Rochel Quintero

Maxim Savrilov
I think there was an compression underwater hit at 3:40, because goose did not use his legs to speed up the take off, look at one going leftm he is too low
Comment from : Maxim Savrilov

Ger 13 NunYah
Comment from : Ger 13 NunYah

sniper'angler sei dua
Comment from : sniper'angler sei dua

Antonio Israel
what weapon are you using?
Comment from : Antonio Israel

warcraft Dimon
Sir how much the airgun
Comment from : warcraft Dimon

Bui TheQuyen
Watching you from Việt Nam
Comment from : Bui TheQuyen

Ahmad Arbara
Kirim ke saya lah bro
Comment from : Ahmad Arbara

I want to see you hunt big animals using air guns 👍👍
Comment from : RUDY BOCOR

Антон Никитин
8:34 - Where did you get this jacket? With patch РОССИЯ? =)))
Comment from : Антон Никитин

Final Flight Waterfowl
Teal are ducks idiot lol
Comment from : Final Flight Waterfowl

]{артавая охота
В России охота на водоплавающую с пневматикой и нарезным оружием запрещена!
Comment from : ]{артавая охота

Zirzawa Black withe
Good Jub👍
Comment from : Zirzawa Black withe

Yikes @ 0:37
My 4 year old son: "Daddy, there's a monster under my bed!"
Me: "Is it a goose? If not, go back to sleep."

Comment from : PikeyScott

Ali Hassan Umrani
Which scope used plz confirm name and model
Comment from : Ali Hassan Umrani

Ayan Ahmad
Good shot my lovely sir
From Pakistan 🤗🤗🤗🤗

Comment from : Ayan Ahmad

Dan Van Muizenberg
Smaak the 101 stukkend chana
Comment from : Dan Van Muizenberg

Johann Kemp
How did you get your 22-250 to 3800 fps? I use 55 gr Hornady V-Max and load 34gr of S335, and I got to 3377 fps.
Comment from : Johann Kemp

Kiwano Banano
hey, what scope u using? thanks
Comment from : Kiwano Banano

Billarmino pacana
I like your gun..can i have one please..
Comment from : Billarmino pacana

фара али
Comment from : фара али

ɢσσɒ. я
حبيـﮯبيـﮯ وآللهہ‏‏
Comment from : ɢσσɒ. я

saif urrahman
good matt
Comment from : saif urrahman

cristian saavedra
Deja de hablar porfavor y empes a disparar
Comment from : cristian saavedra



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