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Sahil Sayi
എടൊ കെളവാ ചാകാൻ ആയില്ലേ നീ
അപ്പോഴാ മിണ്ടാപ്രാണികളെ കൊല്ലാൻ നടക്കുന്നെ

Comment from : Sahil Sayi

Matias Vargas Hammoud
Comment from : Matias Vargas Hammoud

Outsider 22
This is funking primitiv...its sad what make a people..
Comment from : Outsider 22

robert russell
Scum bag
Comment from : robert russell

Binoy Babu
mr Keith you will moving fingers on animals because they don't do anything in front of the gun try with humans i hope they can give you a perfect solution for this kind of sadism
Comment from : Binoy Babu

기린인데 ㅜㅜ
다 먹어라

Comment from : 김용태

Comment from : Philotas

Romance Harper
How do u kill it then talking about how great it is
Comment from : Romance Harper

Romance Harper
Fuckn coward bitchz
Comment from : Romance Harper

Rp Burrell
Explain to me why anyone would shoot a damn giraffe did you eat it or did you just have to much money and decided I'm going to go shoot a damn giraffe
Comment from : Rp Burrell

Carlos Alarcon
Some people dont know how the world works. They dont realize you just helped the local giraffe population by killing a rogue bull, they dont realize you just provided people with hundreds of pounds of meat from an animal they EAT REGULARLY. Yall in the comments too damn privileged too see that the probably thousands of dollars he spent go to help the conservation efforts in africa.
Comment from : Carlos Alarcon

Javier Ordaz
Dense un tiro en el culo
Comment from : Javier Ordaz

You guys are savages... I wish you would be a pig in your next life
Comment from : Elijah

Shiquilla Bell
Now bears I don't care but giraffes kinda sad
Comment from : Shiquilla Bell

Bro I go hunting myself and I love it to go hunting but to kill a giraffe come one bro for what
Comment from : Alessio68

akib akhter
Why r u killing animals for ur youtube videos plezz dont do it
Comment from : akib akhter

Stefan Letzow
"a connection with nature that only a Hunter can experience". Douchebag
Comment from : Stefan Letzow

Patrick A
Why tho
Comment from : Patrick A

presage property
Govt have Take to an action on this guy's,who given permission to kill beautiful animals.
Please sir don't killed,Everyone has the right to live

Comment from : presage property

CèsarX210 YT
17:22 when yu hit a green light on 2k
Comment from : CèsarX210 YT

Lsplayz Its
I fully understand hunting but when it’s such a beautiful animal that isn’t common why take its life
Comment from : Lsplayz Its

Honza Žáček
Comment from : Honza Žáček

armando zuniga
You had to pick a giraffe because ?
Comment from : armando zuniga

Lucas Graybill
How could you guys do that to an animal😭😭
Comment from : Lucas Graybill

Comment from : 無名のわんちゃ*

Salek Ahmed
please stop animal hunting
try plastic dol
and any product
but no killing animal 🥺🥺

Comment from : Salek Ahmed

sisters kindness
Your videos are very good question is why do you kill animals?
Comment from : sisters kindness

Cole Granat
He really did kill that giraffe tho
Comment from : Cole Granat

Mr Manga
I understand hunting springbok or gemsbok and blue wildebeest but I think giraffe is too over excessive.
Comment from : Mr Manga

Harper the hunter
Somebody name a better like / dislike ratio. I'll wait...
Comment from : Harper the hunter

Harper the hunter
Keith: " The closer I get to him the bigger he looks."
My mind: Well that is how depth perception works.

Comment from : Harper the hunter

Dick Hurtz
What kinda dick head gets pleasure from killing a giraffe?..
No respect for you anymore...

Comment from : Dick Hurtz

im declaring my neighbour as a "problem neighbour"
Comment from : Classic#Dracula

Karthik Dhandapani
Why would you killing a beautiful creature?
Comment from : Karthik Dhandapani

OnionWeb//more pleasure paying does millions for this kind of people than innocent little girls. Just saying.
Comment from : [CR]ComboFTW

Jeanette E Mason
What's white ppl's fascination with senseless killing??? Weird....
Comment from : Jeanette E Mason

gulf city nicholas danca
I'm all for hunting but if you trophy hunt your a dick
Comment from : gulf city nicholas danca

Jurgen Van Niekerk
Incredible shots Keith on that Black Wildebeest!
Comment from : Jurgen Van Niekerk

Confetti Saturday
You guys r evil just saying
Comment from : Confetti Saturday

Rene Maldonado
Soo sad 🥺
Comment from : Rene Maldonado

Landen Doty
dude why the crap are you shooting s freaking giraffe
Comment from : Landen Doty

David Cabreón Muñoz
I am Giraffobic, nice job guys. Brings a tear to my eye .
Comment from : David Cabreón Muñoz

angie bx to pk
Yeah that giraffe looked vicious ...😢😢😢
Comment from : angie bx to pk

okay just dont buy any type of meat if you dont like hunting 😑
Comment from : Overdoze

Matthew Lorenzo
You guys are mean
Comment from : Matthew Lorenzo

Paty Cornejo
Son unos puntos por matarla así ojala no tengan el perdón de doios
Comment from : Paty Cornejo

Prince Nabi
u guys are bist
Comment from : Prince Nabi

TheRealCatsRus :D
Sad and funny to say but hunts like this actually help conservation by allowing the facilities to continue to operate. At least the animal wont go to waste
Comment from : TheRealCatsRus :D

Net Karisma
Hobimu ngrusak alam lek
Comment from : Net Karisma

Bikiyapa Edward
Hunting is illegal.... Someone report it
Comment from : Bikiyapa Edward

Jack Clasp
At least the meat doesn’t go to waste
Comment from : Jack Clasp

Thebadace 12
Shot it right through the eye
Comment from : Thebadace 12

Sachin Lohani
Comment from : Sachin Lohani

Comment from : RPGBOYx

Im 14 years old and i've never hunted anything before but man, i love hunting.
Comment from : Elite_Ervin

birds information subhani birds
Comment from : birds information subhani birds

Stephen Scott
I hunt like crazy but there’s not a reason to kill a animal like that like come on
Comment from : Stephen Scott

Craftman Snapon
I want to see 50bmg vs a record bull elk!
Comment from : Craftman Snapon

Rayd3n Silver
I Love hunting, watching hunting and all but why kill a giraffe is history as to why he was going to kill sound so bs tbh meh...
Comment from : Rayd3n Silver

Man I cannot believe they are allowed to go in there and just kill giraffes like that
Comment from : RJ

boo! thumbs down! (...ok now I'll go eat more meat)
Comment from : idz135

Habitual Line Steppa
It's good that the animal will be eaten. I'd like to try some myself. I despise hunters that kill animals for kicks only.
Comment from : Habitual Line Steppa

It sounds like you said wack wildabeast
Comment from : ButterFace04

Luciane Alves
Filhos da puta!!! Desgraçados vão todos para o inferno americanos do inferno vocês não valem Nada. (Ass Eu Marcos Vinicius )
Comment from : Luciane Alves

kader patisserie
A human animal kills an innocent animal
Comment from : kader patisserie

CurtLeh TM
Comment from : CurtLeh TM

Christian Messenger
I was wonder because this is my first video I have watched by you
Comment from : Christian Messenger

Christian Messenger
What kind of gun are you using
Comment from : Christian Messenger

Teen Challenge
STOP KILLING ANIMALS PLEASE! Hey I do know they pay money to do it but it’s just not right. I understand if there doing it to eat and survive, but there not. I hate it and I hope everyone agrees with me! Save the animals! Save the animals! Hunting is murder and murder is evil!
Comment from : Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge
Poor animals
Comment from : Teen Challenge

Que Dieu te brise
Comment from : Eden

william shaffer
What’s the point

You guys are worthless

Comment from : william shaffer

Uthai Zaa
Comment from : Uthai Zaa

Uthai Zaa
Comment from : Uthai Zaa

Ever seen.. the dominance n cruelty of humans continued on floara n founa n every thing, even humans ,based on selfish cast, creed n religoin... The worsted human beings not at all.. Like me
Comment from : GOLDEN MOOON Touchmenot

Marcio Rubia
Comment from : Marcio Rubia

maite augereau
Quel viandard le pire des chasseurs, j espere qu'il a bouffé cette bête sinon c'est un ignoble assassin
Comment from : maite augereau

Catrapumba 1000
I just came here to reed the coments. I don't want to watch the video
Comment from : Catrapumba 1000

Patricia Valadez
Pues wow 😳 neta que que estupidez pura de matar animales pero en fin 😔
Comment from : Patricia Valadez

keith click
I want to hunt this man same way in wild
Comment from : keith click

jason shen
why you like kill animals?
Comment from : jason shen

Kasi Smith
I also clicked to see the comment section. Unnecessary to hunt a giraffe. I hope you ate it atleast. I’m all for hunting for food not for sport.
Comment from : Kasi Smith

Tranquilizer dart and relocation to another park wasn't an option. A private reserve, attacking cars, ECO TOURISM - man that's a hard sell.
Comment from : Hexagenium

Dilip Banshiwal
Comment from : Dilip Banshiwal

Asif Ansari
Killing giraffe 🦒... Seriously.. Beautiful animal..
Comment from : Asif Ansari

RaydenGames The Games and Anime
Comment from : RaydenGames The Games and Anime

RaydenGames The Games and Anime
Comment from : RaydenGames The Games and Anime

James Mink
I hope you eat this stuff and don’t just cut off the head and mount it. If you eat it then good kill. But if your just killing it for a trophy than your a horrible person. And I won’t see you in heaven
Comment from : James Mink

Петр Носорогов
Живодеры ебаные,жирафа то зачем?
Comment from : Петр Носорогов

Nicolas Boeve
stop it
Comment from : Nicolas Boeve

Yeah ... if your not eating it , POS!!!
Comment from : Alpha6Five

Invader_ Whoa
What is wrong with you guys? This is why beautiful animals are going extinct, and how did a channel as revolting as this get in my feed!? Repulsive, you should be ashamed this comment is coming from a child no less... 👎
Comment from : Invader_ Whoa

Tulips Sunimi
YHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY will u do something so horrible they are beautiful animals that dont want to and need to be killed u are horrible people LEAVE THEM ALONE
Comment from : Tulips Sunimi

Southpaw Hammer
I'm all for hunting, but I've never heard of anyone eating giraffe. Could be wrong I guess
Comment from : Southpaw Hammer

Lukas Klar
Cant believe he did that
Comment from : Lukas Klar

What really piss me up it’s the fact those guys so happy to kill beautiful animals for sporting ! Kill for food is understandable that’s all
Comment from : Juliani

Sergei Merjeevski
You are confused old man. This practice does not belong.
Comment from : Sergei Merjeevski

Butter Brezn
Thank you for this nice video. 👍👍👍
Comment from : Butter Brezn

What’s the point in killing a giraffe??
Comment from : ThinkVintage

Comment from : Artnav

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