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MCQ Bushcraft & Wilderness Life
One for the 4x4 enthusiasts and overland travelers. Not everyone's cup of tea but it's something I enjoy and a part of living out here. This is a video recapping the Jeep Cherokee build post trip to see how it did but also cover the build in its entirety along with new upgrades since arriving. I will upload these now and then but you can also check out my other channel - www.youtube.com/channel/UC2iiTRFnfZangiw_Y4dwUVQ/featured - as this will have more vechile related content.
Thanks for watching and take care!

Comment from : MCQ Bushcraft & Wilderness Life

Joe Man
Hello from Atlanta, Georgia..

Excellent. Been following your build. Looking forward to next video future mods.

Comment from : Joe Man

I really enjoyed the video. You did a lot of work to your rig and it gave me a lot of ideas for my own XJ, thanks.
Comment from : wyattoneable

Joe McCranie
Wow, amazing.You are a wealth of information and skill, from bushcraft, to hunting, to leather work, mechanic, off roading.. and I'm sure there is much more. It's always a thrill to watch your videos,
Comment from : Joe McCranie

Guitar Hiker444
Awesome jeep man! I love these body styles! You have reinforced all the problem bits that i see here in the states with these. Their great vehicles if you have the time and money to put in as you did. Like the color too! Really nice grey. Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Guitar Hiker444

Ms .Kari Hart
Could give detail on the rear stiffness or diagram of the rear stiffeners parts
Comment from : Ms .Kari Hart

Jeff Bour
What front bumper is that?
Comment from : Jeff Bour

Paul Dann
I'm not going crazy, right? The clip at the end has the words "it was" as it fades out 😂 Great work, Mike. I'm so envious of your energy and confidence.
Comment from : Paul Dann

I’ve been meaning to beef up my 2016 Toyota 4Runner Premium Trail but didn’t know what companies products to use. Ruff Country you got my business.
Comment from : trangia94534

al math
Thanks great and informative video. Not done a lot of offloading but curious why you didn't modified a land rover ?
Comment from : al math

Paul Edwards
Great work on the jeep bet it was worth the hard work !
Comment from : Paul Edwards

Joseph DeMarco
Wondering how much it weighs before and after mods??
Comment from : Joseph DeMarco

Traky boy
Hello Mike, check out Jason@ primal outdoors channel.he has a roof top set up and seems to have a great heating set up.
You some things in common. Best regards. Tracy

Comment from : Traky boy

Furness Prime
so much wok, xjs are the best.
Comment from : Furness Prime

Kevtown Outdoors
Great video, seemed like a blast! The Jeep looks great!
Comment from : Kevtown Outdoors

Speedo At Weekend Wildcamps
Have you seen Woodland Wildcamp on the Weekend Wildcamp channel? Those boys know how to do it! 👍🏻😂
Comment from : Speedo At Weekend Wildcamps

Jeremy Midgley
Good summary share, enjoy the new life and keep up with the local sharing👍🏽
Comment from : Jeremy Midgley

White Ranger Austria
Wooow, in my opinion the best Channel in Outdoor/Bushcraft and traveling around multiple Countrys!
your Videos are so informative and packed with all your advices and tipps, im enjoying every minute of the vids!
Ive learned alot since the few weeks I’m watching your Videos and now i have made my own Bushcraft Kit and today ive made my first Bushcraft shelter.

So thanks alot for your videos, and keep on the great work!👍🏻

Greets from Austria!

Comment from : White Ranger Austria

Quinn The Eskimo
Nice job on the Jeep. Your a regular gear head. Thanks and take care
Comment from : Quinn The Eskimo

David tyler
Well mike i sub a couple of years ago and seen all your vids and well all i can say is wow,
Im 32 with 2 kids and not a penny to my name and wouldn't change it for the world but after watching these series of you and meg travel and i know millions of people do it at this time of my life i wouldn't be able to afford it.
But what you have done is made me change my life by putting bits away for my kids each week for them to do something like this with their life. Dont get me wrong i have wasted money in the past 15 years i would have been able to buy my house and 4 others over again, you only learn from mistakes and wished i had a push when i was younger or someone guided me to do this sort of thing. Anyways i am glad i have followed and learned from the channel and i wish you and meg lots of luck in the future.

Comment from : David tyler

Me and my friends live in sweden and want to camp but the forest where we want to camp is filled with moose. Do you think theres any risk of camping in a moose filled forest.
Comment from : MrTrollsen

Gavin Sterry
How much weight do you think all the ironwork added to the vehicle?
Comment from : Gavin Sterry

Mr. Green Dmitriy
Great job, as always! Looking forward to your Adventures!!!
Comment from : Mr. Green Dmitriy

maxx steele
I don't know if it would cause more problems or less but you need to have a show on the Discovery Channel. You can do the work and narrate it so you're the full package.
Comment from : maxx steele

Aqua Тория
Serious jeep. I like it!
Comment from : Aqua Тория

Elite Spanker
Nice XJ brother
Comment from : Elite Spanker

Paulo Eduardo
Comment from : Paulo Eduardo

Realist 1801
It’s like a car out of mad max and highly customised for the harsh environment
Comment from : Realist 1801

You need to speak to Craig @ www.buzzweld.co.uk
Comment from : Michael

Kid, I'm very impressed with your skill set on fabricating parts to fit your needs. Generally your generation isn't that mechanical so you're definitely a unicorn.
Comment from : Crowman

Luke G
Hi Mike. Love the videos, Love the Jeep even more!, Tell me if you could what are you using for additives in your fuel to stop the diesel crystallizing in that sort of temp? Asking as I`m planning a trip to south Lapland this December and would greatly appreciate your input to help me prepare for such an adventure.

Comment from : Luke G

Ted Weirum
Great video, that thing is a beast! I liked the end scene, looks like it was shot by a real pro! ;)
Comment from : Ted Weirum

Alan Spivey
I am so glad to hear from you and I hope you are doing well. If you ever get the desire to do so, some out in the wilderness videos with you, Megan, and the Mega-Dog would be great to see. Thanks for the Jeep update: still looking forward to more of Megan mud bogging while screaming her rebel yell!
Comment from : Alan Spivey

Senior XJ
Well done sir! Great build!
Comment from : Senior XJ

Eke van Leeuwen
A lot of youtubers give reviews after a short period of use, let alone unboxing. You take your time to test quality and that gives the video’s and you quality as well. Appreciate that!
Comment from : Eke van Leeuwen

Chris B.
I did much of the same work you've done to my jeep about 10+ years ago, and its still pure BEEF. Haven't had a single issue with flex or rot🤩 if you build it, they will come.
Comment from : Chris B.

Bennington Camper
Thank Mike. I'd like to know more about the electrics and any improvements you made in that regard - I see improved lighting as a beginning.
Comment from : Bennington Camper

Really sucks you deleted some videos!
Comment from : ShaunP

Damn Mike, you're one of the few ready for a zombie apocalypse, not to mock, but in respect for your efforts. Your cherokee's a frankenbeast, reinforced for pretty much anything.
Comment from : baylow

phyllis mulkey
a lot of work
Comment from : phyllis mulkey

Willy Luciano
I commented on your build previously. The American mechanic, i believe you liked and even responded to my comment but I've since deleted it. I mentioned that you don't brag enough about how much work you've put into this vehicle. Its truly amazing to me. 9 years of experience in the field and it would have taken me an extraordinary amount of time to complete the work you've done, let alone the thought you've put into your build. Your productivity baffles me.
I must also say its refreshing to finally see a tasteful 4x4 build like yours when im surrounded by huge trucks meant to be workhorses crafted by engineers to make a day of labor convenient and as economical as possible with enormous lift kits and huge tires and the like ruining their intended purpose for a status symbol since they're never taken off-road anyway, because they're not built for it.
I love your truck, and I wish more people had your sense, work ethic, and intelligence.

Comment from : Willy Luciano

Hello, nice to meet you! Question, where can I buy lk 35 side porch for this video? Thank you.


Comment from : プコツBukotsu

Great recap of the jeep! Always enjoy your videos!
Comment from : timberdogz

Rough Timba
Nice one mike..love your message to haze btw..
Comment from : Rough Timba

Psych Olocke
if you talk about details about your car .... i feel like a person listening to me when I talk about computer details 😂

I'm glad to see you and Meg in your new home country 😉

Comment from : Psych Olocke

stephen o neill
You are an absolute legend lad.You actually said it
Comment from : stephen o neill

stephen lennox
Can you tell me please what jacket you was wearing in the video please
Comment from : stephen lennox

john wheatley
I have just read the manufactures terms and conditions of use of some of the parts you have used, and it clearly states that these items are for race & off road use only, and are not permitted for use on the public highway....... This means on the highways you will be driving without insurance.... Be aware !!
Comment from : john wheatley

John Rohlman
That is a Magnificent
XJ!! great build!!Need to come to the U.s.a and wheel.

Comment from : John Rohlman

So, not not just good at making spoons then! A remarkably coherent review of some some amazingly competent work. One question, if you were to do it all again, would you start out with the same vehicle? Regardless of the answer, why? Finally, loved your contribution to Haze’s last video :)
Comment from : 1967AJB

My wife always compliments on my frame stiffener, good job.
Comment from : Robusto

Michael Antonio
Love it!!!  Thanks for the content keep up the mods video's.
Comment from : Michael Antonio

Nice build and done in UK and that is even more amazing as not many jeeps part available as aftermarket or very expensive those which you can buy compare to same in europe
Comment from : abazdarhon

mister smith
Dam bro, you did a real kick ass job on that Jeep. Thanks for the video my Bladed Brother ⚔️
Comment from : mister smith

william kinnear
Great to see you on again the straight face on the HAZE video I’m still laughing
Comment from : william kinnear

....so....you´re building a VOLVO, right? :D SCNR ;)
Comment from : DoIC342IDO

I'm gonna be doing something similar to my Defender over the summer, gonna be driving down to Cape Town next year from the UK which ought to be fun!
Comment from : Monkey

Mark Atkinson
Use a product from USA ,CALLED damp rid. It'll keep condensation down to a minimum.. nice Jeep
Comment from : Mark Atkinson

Mike Desen
Great car Mike, to bad the steering wheele is on the wrong side ;-0
Comment from : Mike Desen

Thats a cool ride now Mike... Did you install a tyre inflation compressor in the engine compartment? I guess you need to be able to inflate your tyres when out in the bush?
Comment from : Elfin4

Never use a warmed garage in the winter for a vehicle you regularly use. You want cold garage for that.
If you are parking your car for the entire winter on the other hand a warm garage is the key.

When you constantly heat it you will get condensation in about all small crevasses and cavities which will rust up your car in a matter of a few years.
You can combat this somehow by having an extremely low air humidity, but thats about impossible as you will get many liters of water in your garage every time you park your car.

Comment from : LasseBB

Finn S.
In Germany it is 20 degree centigrade right now(not normal at all)
Comment from : Finn S.

Tony Matthews
Yes, but when are you fitting the detachable belt loop?

And when are you refitting those horns ;P

Comment from : Tony Matthews

John Grytbakk
Good job on the truck. Well done. Nice seeing you again.
Comment from : John Grytbakk

Dr Death
Really enjoyed the mould recap Michael
Comment from : Dr Death

Sperrin Outdoors
Nice 1 guys class
Comment from : Sperrin Outdoors

Rhys Stubbs
Definitely don’t let this be your last 4x4 video like this! Thoroughly enjoyed this one Mike! Ps. Your Haze clip was effing hilarious 😂😂
Comment from : Rhys Stubbs

Vagabond Querier
Awesome vid!Thanks for sharing and keep on adventuring.
Comment from : Vagabond Querier

Neanderthal Outdoors
You lost me on a lot of that lol, obviously an engineer mechanic in a past life then Mike, nice work on the Jeep, very nice, you and Megan enjoy your new life in Sweden mate and stay safe, and warm, atvb to you both.
Comment from : Neanderthal Outdoors

John H
Love these 4x4 videos Mike. I modified my single cab 4x4 here in Australia for camping and 4wding, it can be a absolute money pit! It's great seeing all the hard work you did on your jeep 👍
Comment from : John H

Wiltshire Man
I have to agree, having the tyres not sticking out will keep the sides of the vehicle cleaner. You've done a lot of work Mike. Even rebuilding the drip rail. It looks like a new vehicle.

Comment from : Wiltshire Man

Dan Quinn
I'm more of a land rover defender person but I like jeeps too
Comment from : Dan Quinn

Scarboro Sasquatch Station
Right on with toughening up the Jeep Cherokee to the status of a light duty Tank !!!
Comment from : Scarboro Sasquatch Station

Ramon Carmona
Respetado sr la verdad que es impresionante la forma en que repotencio su camioneta tanto en motor como en carrocería suspensión y todo lo necesario para estar en contacto directo con la naturaleza aquí en mi país ya no se puede hacer eso estoy en Venezuela pero el ver sus vídeos me hace sentir muy bien ,el ir al monte y poner en practica las técnicas de supervivencia y lograr hacerlo brinda una gran satisfacción lo felicito dios lo bendiga amigo
Comment from : Ramon Carmona

Thank you for the video just got done watching it yes you did put a whole lot of time and effort I'm making sure that that jeep was very well sound and very well rebuilt for the long road trip that's a both of you just came from
Comment from : cgriggsiv

U got a sick sick Jeep. Love it and all the mods making it rugged as all heck
Comment from : bottom

Richard Lumpkin
Love the update! Glad you and Meg and the pets are well! Can’t wait for the next video to see more.
Comment from : Richard Lumpkin

Steve Robinson
Sweet jeep MCQ! Needs a skid plate on the front underside.
Comment from : Steve Robinson

Ethan Rogerson
nice one mate
Comment from : Ethan Rogerson

jay kimble
you're a beauty
Comment from : jay kimble

Noor Hasan
Bro! Waiting for your another solo hunting video.
Comment from : Noor Hasan

Alan Spivey
Great video! Been too long. So glad to see you enjoying this adventure, and so glad you haven't given up on youtube videos. Mike, your videos were always the absolute best in bushcraft / living off the land / etc. Watching your videos with my grand daughter was my way to get her into outdoor living and camping. We now hike, camp, fish, and a little bit of hunt together, and I credit your excellent videos as my entree into talking with her. You look so cool she could imagine herself doing a similar adventure. We went on a back pack / fishing / hiking 7 day trip this summer in Oregon, and other campers were amazed when a 10 year old cut, processed, and ignited (fire steel) our cooking fire. She had learned all of her technique from watching your videos with me (and some guided practice). I hope to see you in new adventures in the Swedish outback. Hugs to Megan and your beautiful Pup.
Comment from : Alan Spivey

Richard Cranium
Very nice. This is the last true Jeep imo. Everything since should be called Heep:)
Comment from : Richard Cranium

Dan Hambrick
Glad to see the XJ is holding up fine...
Comment from : Dan Hambrick

So pleased to see the two of you back in the saddle, offering some updates to how things are coming along for you both. Love seeing the updates to the rig, and also the new star of the channel... the DOG !!

Keep warm, and bring us along on your adventures. All the best to you both.

Comment from : RatdogDRB

James A
Glad to see you guys still out an about and making videos of it! A fine job on the jeep! Only one question. When does the 50 cal. get mounted?
Comment from : James A

T.A. Florida Style
All you need is bullet proof glass and ballistic plates in the doors and you have an Armored Personnel Carrier, Awesome job man and great video. P.S. seen the "Haze" video, Thanks man. you are "Legendary" :)
Comment from : T.A. Florida Style

Rob Priestley
All these changes must have added quite a bit of extra weight. Do all these changes need engineering approval, as some insurance companies won't insire or pay out on insurance on modified vehicles?
Comment from : Rob Priestley

Woods and Hills
Loved your Haze cameo Mike. Very happy for both of you guys. Thank you always for sharing your projects, adventures and snippets of you life. Peace.
Comment from : Woods and Hills

Great work Mike.
Comment from : mrwes100

Comment from : Charlie1984

BushcraftMtl Axe
Makes me want to buy an off road vehicle
Comment from : BushcraftMtl Axe

How To Survive In The Woods
So wonderful to see you. YT is boring without you. D😊🇺🇸 this is an hour from my house. youtu.be/IhXoKp8Bnuw
Comment from : How To Survive In The Woods

R Jonzun
Friggin' awesome!
Comment from : R Jonzun

Basil Newburn
I don't understand how you can know so much about so many different things.
Comment from : Basil Newburn

Kenneth Mikaelsson
Hi i must come by and say hi great you welcome... Nice job on the truck..
Comment from : Kenneth Mikaelsson

Michael Archangel
P.s....also appreciate the fact that you solve problems/ hands on, your gear and setup reflect well, there are too many people in the States that "solve" their issues by throwing big money at their setups, from multi thousand $ suspensions to fancy drawer systems to the latest dodad coffee gadget or skottle or $1300 fridges not to mention a $35k Toyota this or that..side note, if you tripped through N.America in the future, I would venture to say you could teach classes (leatherwork?/Bushcraft/travel considerations and vehicle related considerations etç..)all the way across and back, no prob..sign me up!
Comment from : Michael Archangel

Michael Archangel
Thanks for the recap, and as far as content,..nice as well. Happy to see 2 of my favorite things to do (exploring/off-road and vehicles that get you there and back) and the thought involved in setup. ..also, as you probably already know, espar and webasto both have the hydronic and airtronic type setups that run on diesel, for cab/tent heat and engine preheat, bit pricey though..Happy Trails!
Comment from : Michael Archangel

Open Eye
The floor mats where nice but there was a bit of flex in them so I made some new ones out of quarter inch steel and stitch welded them in. Gave them a fresh coat of paint. Lol just busting your balls man this Jeep is freaking incredible and I’m SUPER jealous! What a dream vehicle.
Comment from : Open Eye

Millbank Bags USA
Good job Mike. Looks like real beast to me. Ray, Oklahoma
Comment from : Millbank Bags USA

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